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Whole30 # 4

Sara M Clark

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Starting whole 30 # 4 and I'm so excited because I know in 30 short days I'm going to feel so much better. During the holidays I lost control and my body feels it. 2014 is going to be my year to learn balance !!!


Breakfast- 1 coffee with a little canned coconut milk, 3 eggs fried in coconut oil served over salad with a small sweet potatoes with a few raspberries


snack- 2 hard boiled egg and a couple of almonds and walnut


lunch 3 applegate hot dogs 2 figs & a few mulberries Green  beans I know i'm having to much fruit NO more the rest of the day.


dinner I made jerk seasoning from the well fed2 cook  book and seasoned chicken with it out the chicken over salad with a little dressing I made also from the well fed 2 cook book the called go to vinaigrette YUMMY


I also made the ketchup and plan to make the mayo. Making sure im prepared NO excuses

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Day 2


Breakfast cup of coffee with coconut milk 16 oz of lemon cucumbers & mint water

2 eggs fried in gehee with peppers and onions and a banana


lunch spinach salad with cucumber and broccoli slaw toped with jerk chicken  half avocado+ vinaigrette

4 figs and 1/4 cup almonds 1 hard boiled egg


drank 33.8 oz of water


dinner 2 turkey burgers with homemade ketchup


drank 50 more oz of water

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