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Bluefin Tuna Recipes w/o Soy Sauce!!


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My dad is an expert angler and I am so so grateful! I have a freezer full of bluefin tuna--all line caught from the middle of the ocean. 


Prior to my W30 I had been eating it either as Sushi/Sashimi or with a miso paste glaze. 


Um....Yeah, neither of those are going to work for me now.  I have not yet bought the Coconut Aminos--Im on the fence about it......Does it *really* taste like soy sauce? I've been apprehensive about buying it in fear that I will hate it. Im not big on "fake" things, Id rather not have it at all if it's not going to be like real soy sauce.  My local health food shop doesn't have it, so I will have to make the trek to Whole Paycheck this weekend to pick some up. 


I have made NomNoms Hardcore Albacore with the BFT. It was the first hit for "bacon wrapped tuna"  However that was pre W30 and I used Soy Sauce. Her site is what prompted me to do a W30!! I also do not want to use bacon, even if it is compliant (no brakes and all that)


I am going to try her Softcore Albacore this weekend. But I just can't seem to wrap my head around eating tuna with a flavor profile that doesn't include soy! GAH!!!




edit, yes I am concerned with the possible mercury intake. I limit tuna to two times a week max. 

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