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  1. 5 dates has about 80 grams of sugar. Im a little baffled by concern over trace amounts of alcohol in mustard but no concern what so ever about a recipe that has EIGHTY grams of sugar. I understand 'rules are rules' but..... it sort of seems to be missing the forrest for the trees here.
  2. anzadel

    Breakfast suggestions, please

    oh for the egg muffins? I have three words. SILICONE MUFFIN CUPS! I tossed my muffin pan and haven ever looked back. Worth every penny. Not my favorite breakfast item because I do not love eggs, however I always have some on hand. Usually in the freezer. I will put them in my purse still frozen when I know I am going to be out all day. I use nomnompaleo recipe but skip the procuitto. Not wasting the good stuff on egg muffins!! Rather have that with melon!
  3. anzadel

    Breakfast suggestions, please

    I am not a fan of eggs and lately Ive been eating sausage and brussel sprouts for breakfast every day. I like the aidells chicken and apple or the Trader Joes Chicken and Garlic. I just take the links out of the package, slice them up and put on top of a bunch of pre roasted brussels. Microwave the whole thing, then top with some spicy mustard and avocado and yum.
  4. anzadel

    unadulterated light mayo?

    With some reports showing as much as 70% of olive oil is not what it says it is, I am not interested in taking chances. Because, no it's not canola oil..and if people are unscrupulous enough to fake oil they will probably use anything with little regard to the heath and safety of the final users...ew. No thanks. It's only being reported as evoo because that's all thats been studied. If I am going to go thru the pains of a W30 to avoid all sorts of sugars and preservatives I want to make sure my effort is not in vain and I'm not consuming industrial seed oils or the biggie for me...SOY. Need we look to all the scandals of chinese goods being contaiminated with who knows what? The whole spirit of doing this is to be aware of what we are eating....and to me, this is a pretty big issue to be concerned with
  5. anzadel

    unadulterated light mayo?

    Its being reported that many olive oils are 'counterfit'. Here's one of many articles Google fake olive oil and you will see. I've been pretty concerned about this myself, esp since I've been cooking almost exclusively with evoo for at least ten years. Sigh. I've been switching to coconut oil for most things. Sometime in use ghee. And lately I've been buying organic chicken and rendering my own scmaltz. For mayo I've been using walnut oil. Not optimum but not break the bank like avo or Mac nut. I'm out of walnut so I'm not sure what I will buy next.
  6. anzadel

    El Pollo Loco

    so little of marinade is really left behind on Meat, it is I entirely possible that a small amount of citrus juice used would not even leave a gram of sugar per serving. I find it hard to believe that you could use that as a way to not trust the nutritional data. I've had the chicken, its not even remotely sweet. my guess is they use lime juice which has very little sugar to begin with and even less is left behind on the chicken. it's like venturing on food paranoia. Soybean oil on the grill, sure that's possible and worth a call,
  7. anzadel

    El Pollo Loco

    Things sweetened with fruit juice is fine. there's probably way more natural sugar in a sweet potatoes then in a little bit of citrus juice used for a marinade. carrots are also loaded with natural sugar Natural sugar in almost everything so its natural sugar was not OK Wed pretty much be eating air.
  8. anzadel

    El Pollo Loco

    Really? Have you never seen a fresh orange? I would imaginey ou can get sugar free citrus from squeezing an orange, lemon or lime. Do they not have fresh citrus where you are? There are tons of El Pollo Locos where I live, and we also produce tons upon tons of fresh citrus around here. I have 2 lemon, 1 lime and an orange tree in my back yard as is typical of most people.
  9. anzadel

    Hiking snacks?

    You can always put a cooler in your car with lunch waiting for you afterwards. Still take the fruit and nuts on the trail tho!
  10. anzadel

    Overeating ALL THE TIME

    I've had a background of both binge eating and bulemia. I've found, for me sweet potatoes and nut butters are trigger foods. Too starchy and sweet. Really upping the fat helped. But I've found a few compliantn foods I just cannot keep around. Besides the aforementioned sweet potatoes and nut butters I can't have dried fruit or plantains either. It sucks but it is what it is, for me they fall almost in to swypo. However when it comes to paleo pancakes? Meh I am not interested.
  11. anzadel

    What Is Your Go-To Knife for Prep Work?

    I have messermiester st moritz knives. In was actually in culinary school when I got them. They were cheaper then the wustoffs. (Total brainfart before I edited) 6 inch chef 8inch chef, serrated bread knife, paring knife and boning knife. I also bought a Japanese style vegetable knife to supplement the set. I don't use it that much tho. I think I paid 300 for the set ten years ago. I love them. I love the 8 inch chef I use it all the time. Paring knife I use for small things like taking the tops off strawberries, peeling, small handiwork etc. I use the boning knife for trimming meat and skinning fish. I'm super picky about veins, silverskin etc on my meat. Sometimes I use it for deboning but I usually do that with a chef knife or kitchen shears. Serrated knife is for slicing roasts and really soft tomatoes. And bread for my hubby :-[
  12. anzadel

    Sweet, sweet words...

    So jealous!!! But good for you! My hubby will eat what I cook, no complaints. He is very supportive of me in every way and I am grateful for it. But when left to his own devices he lives on donuts and drive thru. Its so hard to watch, but I've known it since the day we met... In fact I'm out of town for a week visiting a dear friend and already worries about what he will eat this week without me there He comes shopping with me though puts nothing in the cart. He knows better lol. Sounds like a good time, have fun!!
  13. anzadel

    Cookware Recommendations?

    OMG THANK YOU! As I said, I got the martha stewart one second hand so I had no idea. I just took the handle off. And I burn myself with steam on a regular basis. Im leary to put plastic in the oven....but I will try it. Good thing I didnt' chuck it in the trash! I am not going to go to the sur la table site to look at the handles of which you speak. I just spend too much money if I even look at their site
  14. anzadel

    Cookware Recommendations?

    Cast iron for skillets. I love my All Clad sauce pans but as for skillets or sautee pans? I will never use anything other than cast iron again. I have 8 cast iron in various sizes I bought at garage sales and thrift shops for very cheap. They needed a good scrubbing and re-seasoning but they will last for generations. They cook evenly, are easy to clean and care for and they are the best! I stopped using non stick years ago when I got one so hot that the coating burned, set off the smoke alarm in my apartment building and they had to evacuate the entire building and the fire department came.. that wasn't embarrasing AT ALL. I covet a Le Creuset dutch ovens but they are too expensive! I found a martha steward on at Goodwillf or 8 bucks. It's enamel coated cast oven and it's great. The only problem is that the lid on the handle is plastic. It is removable so I can put it in the oven but it sucks to remove the lid without a handle.
  15. anzadel

    Facebook Rudeness - a Rant

    I think part of the reason people are so rude is due to attitudes like this. Just because someone doesn't like what you are eating, doesn't mean what they are eating isn't healthy. Or that they are "stuffing them selves with diet coke and pop tarts" Its that holier then thou, if you're not with me you're agasint me attitude that is such a turn off. For example, I find runny egg yolks to be disgusting. I can't even stand the sight of them without gagging. I do not like deviled eggs. I might think "EWW GROSS" towards them if I am doing a W30 or swilling back hfcs. No, I don't go posting things like that to facebook nor do I even say it when I am eating with people and they order their eggs this way. Not saying that the OP has this attitude but so many people do. Be it about exercise, food, politics what have you. Ever hung out in a room full of triathletes? fml....So many people say "live and let live" but so few really practice that. OP, perhaps you should create a special friends list on FB for your W30 people. Then, make the photo visable to only those people.