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  1. anzadel

    Cookware Recommendations?

    OMG THANK YOU! As I said, I got the martha stewart one second hand so I had no idea. I just took the handle off. And I burn myself with steam on a regular basis. Im leary to put plastic in the oven....but I will try it. Good thing I didnt' chuck it in the trash! I am not going to go to the sur la table site to look at the handles of which you speak. I just spend too much money if I even look at their site
  2. anzadel

    Cookware Recommendations?

    Cast iron for skillets. I love my All Clad sauce pans but as for skillets or sautee pans? I will never use anything other than cast iron again. I have 8 cast iron in various sizes I bought at garage sales and thrift shops for very cheap. They needed a good scrubbing and re-seasoning but they will last for generations. They cook evenly, are easy to clean and care for and they are the best! I stopped using non stick years ago when I got one so hot that the coating burned, set off the smoke alarm in my apartment building and they had to evacuate the entire building and the fire department came.. that wasn't embarrasing AT ALL. I covet a Le Creuset dutch ovens but they are too expensive! I found a martha steward on at Goodwillf or 8 bucks. It's enamel coated cast oven and it's great. The only problem is that the lid on the handle is plastic. It is removable so I can put it in the oven but it sucks to remove the lid without a handle.
  3. anzadel

    The crazy things people say

    I would have said. Awesome! Sounda great. Then dump in the trash on the way home. I try to engage as little as possible with people in regards to food. Ugh. So frustrating. At lunch I make a huge salad almost everyday for work. Even long before w30, and every day someone says to me 'wow that's so much food you're going to be at all that?' All that being three cups of veggies and some meat. Probably a third of the caloriesn in their burger etc
  4. hello, I am trying to read everything in this thread. I just started a batch last night, first time brewer but long time drinker. Me and my husband love the stuff, and we've talked about needing to brew our own forever. I bought some at the farmers market a few weeks ago, ginger and tumeric and I said "THATS IT! I am done buying this stuff" The last 6 months have been pretty chaotic for us, including a major move, but things have settled down and we're finally settled and time to brew. I think my biggest fear is having enough for both of us, I started a one gallon last night and will do second one gallon tonight. Just in case I mess one up. Thinking about getting a CB system! Appreciate all the good info here : ) Do those of you in warmer climates use a heating pad? Its in the 70s where I am during the day. Saturday was in the 80s.