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First Day-Quick Fat Question


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Hello everyone!  Today is my first day of the Whole 30.  I had originally set a start date of February 1st, but figured, what the heck....


I had a quick "fat" question.  This morning, I had (2) chicken thighs, broccoli roasted in olive oil, and yellow sliced bell peppers.  I did forget my "fat" part, although the thighs and broccoli were cooked in olive oil.  Should I have had more fat?


Fast forward to what I brought for lunch today.  I made the chili recipe that I found this weekend, while surfing the forum.  I did not drain the fat and was thinking that there should be enough fat in the beef 85%, and the 3 tbsp of coconut oil I used to cook with.  Should I have packed an extra "fat"?  


My lunch will be at 10:30ish (I ate breakfast at 6).  I will work til 5 and no way will I be able to wait until 6-7 to eat dinner, so I brought a hard boiled egg and sliced bell pepper for a mid-afternoon "meal".  I was thinking that there should be fat in the egg yolk, but I'm thinking now that I should have packed a "fat".


i will be buying some coconut flakes, and avocados.  I do have some walnuts here at work, but I know they're "limited".


I'd appreciate any responses.  I'm really excited!  Thanks!



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