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Day 1 begins tomorrow


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Tomorrow is an exciting day. Firstly I return to work after a very relaxing 3 week Christmas holiday break but more importantly it's the 1st day of whole30.

I'm doing this with my partner so over the last couple of days we have sorted out the fridge/freezer and pantry into what's allowed and what's not over the 30days. We did a shop last night which should hopefully see us through till Sunday and today I spent reading - it starts with food - and should finish the final chapters tonight.

I'm really looking forward to this especially with the extra challenge myself around my diabetes control.

I can't wait to plan with my partner tonight and prep what we will be eating from tomorrow once she finishes work.

Bring on day 1 of this journey :)

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Just had Dinner day 2 - Deconstructured Burgers - capsicum stuffed with hard boiled egg and olive oil mayo, homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers, kumara chips roasted with garlic. It was fantastic!! Posted picture on twitter/Instagram

So far finding things great re food choices. Such a difference not having bread for breakfast or lunch. My blood sugars have remained reasonably well except for after lunch today where I probably should have had more insulin to counter the fruit.

Finished last of the bacon for breakfast this morning so think a change tomorrow.

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Just finished day 5 with a fantastic grilled chicken breast, kumara chips, roast broccoli and delicious homemade mayo/sauce.

Loving the all the meals we have created and especially sourcing food options. So far the farmers market and very cool fruit and vege shop are some of the best we have experienced. Watermelon and cherries two things we grabbed that tasted amazing.

This weekend probably the most significant thing is that I haven't injected myself with any of my day time insulin. My night insulin is all I have had and I plan on reducing that slightly tonight.

Prepped some great lunch/meal options that we can use throughout the week.

Did a lot of exercise today after taking it easy the first 4 days and it was nice to use natural sugars from fruit rather than bought sweets to stop my bloods going low.

Feeling great all round. Slightly tired but nothing otherwise noticeable :)

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