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IKEA and family issues


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Anyone ever eaten at IKEA while on Whole30? Or dealt with crazy family.

I am going with my family, we are staying overnight nearby. 


My plan is to eat breakfast around 7am; my family plans to eat breakfast at IKEA around 9:30am. Hoping I can just watch, or drink coffee. We will eat between lunch and dinner there. I've contacted them and it looks like I can have a salmon salad, roasted chicken with veggies, and stuff from the salad bar. We will eat breakfast at the hotel Sunday morning (hoping I can get boiled or fried eggs, since everyone seems to put in scrambled (gross, I'm lactose intolerant so this has always been problematic). 


Any other ideas on what I can eat? Going to try to get a couple packs of tuna and a couple pop tops of canned veggies, maybe a Lara Bar for an emergency. My mom is half way on board with me avoiding some foods, but not at all re: me eating large amounts. She's really funny like that. She's also funny about carbs at all- sweet potatoes are a no, etc. And I'll be at her house this evening until the morning. 

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