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Starting whole30 tomorrow


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I purchased "It starts with food" back last year and began reading. My initial thought was "They have no idea what they are talking about...(insert food) is fine! I have never had a problem with it..." Yeah I am 24llb overweight I use to weigh about 175llb but managed to bring that down to 150lb in the last 2 years, via weight watchers. Anyway after I purchased the book I started working with a PT on weightlifting and olympic lifiting and took up crossfit. I am doing well with this and I love it. I'm not healthy though.


My pt is a wholefood/paleo advocate and through her I have started to change my diet but its not good enough. I slip back into old ways easily. I started researching paleo and came back to whole30 so last night I read the book again cover to cover and my start date will be tomorrow. I think this is what I need.


I am going to go shopping to night. My biggest worries are no sugar in my tea (Im fine without milk as I can use and really like almond milk). Also I work out in the mornings at 7am I am usually out the door by 6:30am and I can't eat that early and dont have the facilities to eat a proper breakfast at work. Any tips for this?


WIsh me Luck


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Welcome Leona!


I wonder if you can have a pre WO snack of a protein and optional fat before your workout, and bring a post WO of protein and carb to work with you to eat when you get to work?  Do you have a microwave at work?  You could use that to heat up a proper breakfast that you'd bring to work to have a bit later. Otherwise, we can brainstorm options that you can eat cold.

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