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Awesome tea for quelling the sugar dragon


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Thought I would post this here since I know I'm not the only one struggling to tame the sugar dragon.  I found a tea that tastes sweet but is compliant??


Good Earth makes a herbal & black tea called Sweet & Spicy.  It is delicious and works like magic to soothe the savage beast.  (PS. You will not like this is you're adverse to cinnamon).  I tried licorice root tea a few times as well (also supposed to help) but it wasn't nearly as delicious as this one.


Here are the ingredients:

black tea

natural flavor (?)






jasmine green

anise seed

ginger root

orange peel

orange oil


With the exception of whatever the natural flavor is (and it states NO SUGAR ADDED) I think this works.


Easy to find online or in the grocey aisle.



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I looked for Good Earth in the two stores and they no longer carry it. I hope I can find it again. It is my favorite tea as well. Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea is a close second. It also has Natural Flavorings so it is on the edge of Whole30 compliant.

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