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Salmon (and other fish)


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Any ideas where I can food good, TASTY, wild caught salmon (as well as other fish)? I got some Mahi-Mahi from Meijers that is fine, but the salmon (found in the freezer section, a bag of filets, was the only wild caught I could find there), well, leaves a lot to be desired.


I'm in Western Michigan and we do not have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's here (I buy all my beef, pork, chicken, and turkey from local producers).


I do have access to both Sam's Club and Costco...in addition to Meijer's and the local Spartan-owned grocery stores.


I would not be opposed to buying online if the prices were anywhere close to reasonable (just ordered 12 pounds of grassfed bison online...)



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I am also from western part of the state (southwest) and we have a Whole Foods that is just over the border in Ind. or I go the Kalamazoo to Sawalls 


I found for online ordering that Blackwing meats have pretty reasonable pricing.


For grass-fed/finished cow:  Greener grass farms  sell by the half or quarter (Quincy, MI).


Hope this helps:}

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