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Jersey Girl starting August 1


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Just saying hi :D

I went grain and sugar free over a year ago, inspired by the movie Fathead and the blog Mark's Daily Apple. I've been grain free since but sugar . . . sugar was hard. After 3 entire months sugar free I thought I could handle some in moderation. BAM. Back to full time binging.

I finally kicked the sugar again just over a month ago. So I've already got a big headstart.

Now to give up dairy. And I admit I was a bit lax on the seed oil issue, so we'll work on that too.

And eggs. I've long suspected I have a problem with them so since I'm doing the Whole30 anyway I figured what the heck, cut out eggs too.

Just finished the book and am picking recipes off Foodee and . . . now to do it I guess :o:D

I'm in New Jersey. Any meetups or potlucks happening?

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how are things going for your ShannonCC. I took have a sugar addiction. I always knew it but didn't realize how bad. I gave up all grains last October but would occasionally sneak it a bit of corn (tortillas when at Mexican restaurant). But sugar is more of a problem. And I kept telling myself...STOP. I knew it was hindering all my inflammation. I had knee and back surgery right about the time I fell upon Wheat Belly and MDA. And at first I was really good...then slipped into a bit of sugar here and there but I wasn't touching wheat..not on purpose anyway. LOL Anyway..decided to do a whole30 to kick the sugar addiction. I also love CREAM in my coffee. No coconut milk will NOT do. So I gave up coffee too. I just don't like it black and not sweet. It's so bitter. Blech.

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Hey ;-) I'm in Union ;-)

I looooooooooooooove eggs but I seem to have digestive issues when I eat them. Maybe. I figured 30 days without them and then have a plate of scrambled eggs and see what happens. Fingers crossed I'm wrong because I miss them.

I've been having curry for breakfast. I'm lazy in the morning so I just cooked up a big pot of curry and portioned it out into servings and each morning I heat one up and have a piece of fruit on the side. The curry has ground meat (beef and goat), red spinach (found at the Asian Market), three kinds of sweet potatoes, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, curry powder and a can of coconut milk (from the Asian Market - it has no additives). It's pretty good but next batch I think I'll actually follow a recipe, lol! As much as I enjoy eggs I have to say this is more filling. Or it might be that I finally cut dairy but I'm not hungry for longer than I was before. Cutting grains and sugar helped me a lot but I think dairy was the final piece of the puzzle.

Cindi, oh yeah, I hear you on the sugar! Man that was hard. Grains were easy for me for some reason, but sugar? Wow. And I miss cream too. Black coffee with no sugar is pretty gross. Sigh. I was drinking too many iced coffees though (no sugar added, but plenty of cream). I guess all good things must come to an end.

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