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Starting Whole 30 on August 1 while 37 weeks pregnant

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This is really for any of you pregnant ladies. Since seeing it recommended on this site I've started taking a magnesium supplement every night. It is called "Natural Vitality Natural Calmn Raspberry." I swear on the nights I take it I sleep through the night and don't have to take multiple trips to the bathroom. My husband's convinced it is all in my mind but I love this stuff and am so thankful for the recommendation.

The cheapest I've found it is on Vitacost. You can also find it on Amazon. I usually fill up my Vitacost cart with coconut milk so I don't have to pay shipping.

(The Vitacost link will get you a ten dollar discount. If you don't care about such things, here is the link directly to the product: Natural Calm)

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