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  1. Heidi Staddon

    Running a 50K on day 20

    This may not be a PR race for you but my vote is start your Whole30 post-race. You bet you’ve got oodles of racing experience under your belt (so awesome!!! BTW) so it sounds like you know already how to navigate this slightly longer distance using your traditional methods.... however, asking this of your body AND your mind so soon into the healing process... may lead to negative consequences you haven’t experienced before or counted on.
  2. Heidi Staddon

    How do you fuel for a marathon? What can I eat/drink?

    Definitely wait. Your mental readiness is just as important as your physical readiness, especially for your first Full!! im in the exact same boat! My first comes in 14 days, tho While it won't be my first W30, I *have* gotten off track and am really really anxious to get back to it. Alas, my Full takes priority for all of the reasons listed in the program as to why& when starting up should not be prior to an important athletic event. Start with me after!
  3. Heidi Staddon

    What are good endurance snacks during a race?

    It's fairly clear with the program's guidelines that undertaking a Whole30 with any serious, important events (such as what you've described) is not recommended. Your husband should reconsider his W30 timing to begin post race.
  4. Before my wkts (weights + short training runs), my normal meal suffices. (~60min after meal 1). If I am going to be doing a distance run (LSR), then less veggies but add a startchy carb serving. If it's race day, I do 1egg and a full sweet potato (baby food pouch if away from home/kitchen) ~2hr before gun time and a banana 30min before gun time.
  5. Heidi Staddon

    Whole30 as a Mom?

    I'll be honest with you. The prep time kills me every time. My four littles are 7 thru 1. Often I'm making the choice between playing with them and food prep/cooking. I do well for a while then get into a spot of confidence, thinking I can do it all easily, then I slip up and the mental enemy takes over. I desperately need help with this aspect. I think only good will become of your efforts. I'm here to bounce ideas off, etc. and to accept your support too, lol
  6. Heidi Staddon

    Anyone similar looking for an accountability buddy?

    I'm looking long term and big picture, not on short term basis only
  7. I'm looking for an AB, an "accountability buddy". Are you interested? While not new to the W30, my staying power leaves much to be desired. (After a week, a feel good enough and start thinking 'eh I've got this!'... And promptly self-sabotage. Then the self-loading kicks in and I sink low, low, low. Then I crall back into reality and get myself "right" again... Only to repeat. I'm training for my first half marathon and am very scared (to be honest) that I'll simply never get this right. My race is in February so at this point, I'm feeling good while running but get very nervous thinking about my long runs and detoxing and fat adapting all now. Can you tell I'm rather manic about this, too? Lol I am reaching out because I have no one in my home to support me and I really, really need that support. Is there anyone out there in a similar situation? Would you like support in return? A sounding board. A cheerleader. Thanks for reading. If this isn't coolio, moderators, I apologize
  8. Brewer5, you are right. I didn't get I to detailing meals, etc. I had been protein, fat, and non starchy (cukes are my fave!). Then with this lst round, I switched the veg to a sweet potato or a beet/squash combo. Felt fabbo during my wkt, can't lie. Ate about two hours before a wkt. Had sweet potato or beets plus protein for Post Wkt. A bout two servings per day of fruit, but bananas a a a a a a a LOT of that time!! Definitely had already decided those are my kryptonite . But very interesting insight you make... Maybe with me, at this stage of the game, even some fruit is confusing to my body??? You think so too?
  9. GoJo09, you are very right in that I have plenty of time. This is importance to remember, thank you. I'm not doing the running for fat loss believe it or not, but rather to feel the satisfaction of tackling a major challenge and succeeding!! (I have always hated, hated, hated running unless I was chasing a ball.) I picked a race that requires me to mentally *grow* as well as physically train! as opposed to just 'jump in head first and get'er'done', ie a mud run. (Those are fun but I didn't need to change my outlook to succeed in.) Does that make any sense, lol? You hit the nail on the head by referring to my body's stress & holding onto the fat... Which is ultimately at the heart of my self-doubts... What have I been doing wrong so as to not see the losses I expect? By talking it out with all of you patient and insightful friends, I'm seeing a few themes : (1) I'm potentially not fuelling adequately. Pre workout meal has been missing. Add in to test. (2) I'm eating starchy carb at meal 1 - tweak by omitting. Continue having it with PWO meal, as well as Meal 2. (Meal 3 too I'm assuming?? I have been hit or miss with that one) (3) I'm overdoing it in the gym. Max HIIT sessions or run training, but can't do both. (4) one rest day may not be enough - increase it to two. Re-evaluate. (5) asking for help here makes a HUGE impact. Thank you very, very much. Please smile knowing you are helping.
  10. My strength portion is approx 20min in duration, and my HIIT is 15min (never longer). Add in warm up & cool down, I am approx 45min. My run training sessions are 30-45min for fast & moderate days (plus required warm up & cool down), and my longest 'long run day' has only been 65min. Been there, tried that wtr cranking & cutting... Not looking to revisit by any means. Bad bad bad idea. It's the question I'm asking myself, "what I've been doing isn't working, so what can I change?" that ultimately I've posed here. Any, and all responses are greatly appreciated
  11. I think I def need to consider adding in even a tiny bit of a pre workout snack. All this discussion makes me realize it won't hurt to test this out too.
  12. Gotta love her description!! That's how I feel some days for sure I think dropping back on the HIIT and shortening my strength sessions is a good first step. Also I will search other posts in this forum for fuelling for half training. thanks GoJo09!
  13. Kirkor, you and Missmary raise a good point. I need to go back into the archives and review W9's recovery materials. Thank you.
  14. Leahcarn, this has never occurred to me... I literally this past round *finally* started eating a starchy carb with meals as I'd only ever done it PWO. (Yeah, that was a light going off, lol). So you think keeping it to only afterwards, and increasing the fat beforehand? Hmmm... Does anyone else have input about this? Thanks Leahcarn
  15. I know I have to stay away from dried fruits and Lara bars, for the most part, as the spike and crash hurt more than they help. Trial and error. Nuts - I've learned they just don't make an impact on my hunger... Like chips, you know? Eat one or eat a few handfuls, makes no difference Nut butter - I actually have learned how to do with the recommended serving (hurray!! A huge accomplishment) however I find my body feels sluggish afterwards. Which is not cool. I appreciate the MeadowLily