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  1. Heidi Staddon

    Running a 50K on day 20

    This may not be a PR race for you but my vote is start your Whole30 post-race. You bet you’ve got oodles of racing experience under your belt (so awesome!!! BTW) so it sounds like you know already how to navigate this slightly longer distance using your traditional methods.... however, asking this of your body AND your mind so soon into the healing process... may lead to negative consequences you haven’t experienced before or counted on.
  2. Heidi Staddon

    Turned off from food

    No answers. Similar boat. Was suggested elsewhere (obliquely) that hormones are possibly our of order. But that said, I may ave misunderstood. Soo.... I have nothing valuable to add. I am wanting to know moderator input as am in same situation as mentioned. Hope mod.(s) se this soon and reply
  3. Heidi Staddon

    Your favorite tea

    Stinging nettle tea. Helps with pregnancy symptoms as a bonus. Tastes like a weak green tea, so if green tea is too much for you, stinging nettle is a great choice.