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Belly fat, second Whole30


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So I am on Day 12 of my second Whole30. I did the first one last spring and by holiday season I was back to my old habits w/a vengeance.


This time around I am experiencing side effects (acne, headaches, etc.) that I didn't experience the first time but I think in part it's because I was coming off of the holidays, full of bad stuff.


Anyway, my point is the improvements this time around are slow to take effect so I've resigned myself to put any evaluation on hold until day 30. But yesterday I couldn't help but notice my fat and bloated belly has gone down tremendously. I've been re-reading Parts 1&2 of ISWF more diligently and taking notes so I am attributing this change to less inflammation in my gut.


So it's working, just a little differently than last time. :) I may still have acne and other side effects but noticing the belly reduction is a big one. It's the source of all the other issues, so I know it's all going to fall in place eventually.


Have a great day, everyone!

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