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Today went pretty well for day 2. I am really enjoying the news letter it is helping. I went through and wrote out the questions that they asked. I am still trying to figure out the website and how to get to places for forums and logs, etc.

I tried a recipe from Stupid Easy Paleo today. It was the Lamb Kofta with Paleo Mint Raita. What a hit. It is so good and even my Mom likes it.

I just realized it was a turkey day how funny is that.

I had crispy turkey with bok choy

Turkey sausage with mixed raw veggies and guacamole

Baked turkey with beet and mixed green salad

Home made turkey veggie soup.


I am sad that I am allergic to garlic, onions, chicken, and eggs. To name a few. Boy what I wouldn't give to have some chicken. Hopefully at the end of my program I will be able to eat them again.


I am looking forward to day 3.

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