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2nd Whole 30 Starting Monday 10th


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Hello peeps.


Just finished my first ever Whole 30 on Saturday and I was so impressed I'm going to do another one! It's Chinese New Year in Hong Kong this week so I have given myself a bit of time off to celebrate with friends and family. I must say, it's made me feel quite rough. It's a bit demoralizing to see how quickly all your good work can be reversed  :unsure:


Anyhoo, I will be signing up again this coming Monday and would love to have some buddies along for the ride. I found that the accountability of belonging to the group made all the difference.


See you on Monday?

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Yep, I've gone quite badly off the rails this week and my re-introduction process has been super haphazard, so I'm looking forward to re-embracing the Whole 30 rule book. I clearly still need it!


How did you do on the last one? I had some awesome results and some not so great so it will be really interesting to see what happens this time. I'm definitely going to work harder on my nutrition and try to put some more variety into my exercise.


Anything you'll be doing differently?

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