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Whole30 to fight fatigue


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I woke up today feeling exhausted (as usual) and decided to give Whole30 another try. I did my first Whole30 last October and was able to get rid of this horrible fatigue that I feel daily. It was wonderful.

I may extend my whole30 beyond the 30 days in order to fight my intense late night sugar cravings. I will continue this adventure until those cravings are gone.

I am hoping this forum will make me accountable for what I eat and provide support along the way. I'm skipping Day 0 and making this my Day 1- I'm pretty sure I have enough compliant food in the house to get this started.

If anyone has any tips/advice on how to conquer those sugar cravings, please let me know!

Ok Here goes!

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Day one complete. I did not have much trouble making compliant meals and I felt very full and satisfied from each meal. I wasn't even hungry for snacks! I prepped some lunches and breakfasts for the next few days (made a tuna salad and breakfast casserole) so I'm not tempted to buy snacks throughout the day.

Here's what I ate today...

B: sauteed peppers with chicken with southwest seasoning, guacamole, an apple

L: 3 eggs fried in ghee and 2 handfuls of carrots

D: Roasted veggies (cauliflower, carrots, onions), tuna salad prepared with homemade mayo and red peppers, and 1 small sweet potato.

I tried to drink a lot of water throughout the day, but I will probably have to start keeping track to make sure I get enough in.

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Day 2 is going well so far. I woke up feeling extremely tired because of a restless night of sleep (I pulled my upper trap late yesterday and it hurt all night). I went for a run and felt better after. All day I had  a little more energy than usual and never felt that "hungry fatigue", even when I had six hours between breakfast and lunch.

Tomorrow will be interesting. It is my fiance's birthday and he wants to order pizza then go to his favorite bar nearby. I'm hoping to eat a filling dinner prior to leaving for the bar to prevent me from drinking anything and just ordering water with lime when we get there. Does anyone have any tips on how to be not rude about this situation?


Anyway, food from today was...

B: Egg casserole after my run (eggs with green veggies) and an apple

L: Leftover tuna salad with homemade mayo, roasted veggies with guacamole, apple

D: 2 fried eggs, veggie stir fry with cashew/coconut milk sauce- delicious!


I'm hoping I ate enough for dinner to keep my satisfied and prevent sugar cravings. I was suprised that last night I didn't crave anything (yes!) Here's to hoping that tonight goes just as well.

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Day 3 has been pretty rough. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling extremely nauseous. I've felt tired and yucky all day. I'm not sure if it was something I ate, a virus going around, or just changing my eating habits. If this is from changing my diet, I'm amazed at how my body is reacting to it.

Despite the nausea, I was still considerably hungry today and ate the following for my meals:

B: egg casserole (with veggies) and an orange

L: Chocolate chili with an apple and almonds

D: Roasted veggies, meatballs, and trail mix (dried fruit and walnuts)


I was able to see today how much I rely on "junk food" comfort when I'm sick. I was craving pizza and french fries the whole day. I did not give in, but I did eat slightly more fruit than planned, so clearly I still rely on sugar for comfort. Keeping this log has helped me to see that.

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Melbournegirl- 60 days sounds intense! Good for you! I'm seriously amazed at the way our bodies are addicted to processed foods and we don't even know it until we remove them!

Yesterday I felt aweful again in the morning (sick, achy, tired, headache) but as the day went on I started feeling better. Today I feel much better and I have a lot more energy. So, I don't think I was actually sick the past couple of days, I think they were symptoms of my diet change.

Yesterday I was gone almost the entire day but managed to stay compliant. I had two eggs fried in ghee with mushrooms and a pear for breakfast, a giant salad with meat and red peppers with olive oil and vinegar dressing and a sweet potato for lunch, and meatballs and an apple for dinner. I wasn't very hungry for dinner yesterday because my lunch was so filling.

On to Day 5!

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Another successful day. Still some fatigue, but my energy started to pick up at around 3pm. I got a lot of prep for the week done today- I made another batch of chocolate chili, a stir fry with sausage and peppers, and some sausage patties for breakfasts.

B: Egg casserole, spinach and mushrooms in ghee topped with avacado, one pear

L: sauteed assorted peppers with 2 fried eggs and an apple

D: sausage cooked with peppers and onions and avacado with one half sweet potato

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Oh boy- last week I had a slip and fell off the deep end, so I started over yesterday. 2/15 was my new day one. Luckily I don't have any major things coming up in the next 30 days, so I will redo my whole30 and end march 17th. I am going to get through it this time. Last week I had a taste of how much more energy I can have if I feed my body properly, so I am dedicated to finishing this.

Yesterday I made a slow cooked pork with onions and paleo jumbalaya for the week.

I ate pork with guacamole and carrots for breakfast, leftover chocolate chili with avacado over kale and strawberries for lunch, and jumbalaya with a side of cauliflower and guac and strawberries for dinner. I ate a few raisins towards the end of the night which I will not do again tonight.

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