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  1. Since our stomach fills up by volume, it makes more sense to use volume than weight. Veg is 1-2 cups per meal. You could think of a cup of veg as what you can fit into two hands cupped together if that works for you. Good luck.
  2. So I made this great breakfast of leftover cooked veges with three beaten eggs and showed off my beautiful creation still in the pan to my partner and instead of telling me how great it looked I got.... thats a lot to eat for breakfast!!! Was so tempted to say yeah right, 350 calories of healthy unprocessed food is bad for breakfast but your two weetbix with milk and muesli on top is the better meal? Hmmmph!
  3. I reread your other post Karen, very good! And also explained why I now seem to get the night sweats a day or two before my now natural cycle starts
  4. One of the success factors of my whole30ing was re establishing my cycle after stopping BC. Had about 8 months straight of quite regular cycles after none for 14 months then only two in the subsequent six months before my first whole 30. Then the last couple of months I have been doing whole 30 s with and without coffee for a few weeks. Last cycle was 9 days! late and this one has just come 8 days early... What the???
  5. Thanks so much Robin... This coincides perfectly with me deciding to set a loose 'weekly' focus during my whole100... as you are so right its not necessary to address every food related issue I have yet I can still inspire myself by deciding what I would like to do and get better at next without applying undue pressure!