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  1. melbournegirl

    Day 12 - things only worse, want to quit

    I have always had skin problems which improved immensely when I increased my consumption of olives and olive oil and coconut oil. Fish and fruit and cashews and oranges make my problems worse, as does coffee and coconut. Eggs and pumpkin seeds seem to help... High in zinc. Good luck
  2. melbournegirl

    Deli meats/dextrose

    In some countries, amounts of 0.5% or less dont have to be listed or specified in ingredients or can be rounded down to zero
  3. melbournegirl

    leahcarn FODMAP reintroduction log

    Sad about the CM...... I have a love hate relationship with coconut for that reason. I'm usually okay with a daily splash in coffee and a squirt on frozen blueberries but half a can would do me in. I struggle with protein balls too, what was in yours if I may ask?
  4. melbournegirl

    full bladder 3 times in one night!!

    Your body does its healing when you are asleep... Including balancing out fluid retention I expect. But Also, changing diet disrupts your hormone balance. When everything is balanced and you are healthy signals are sent to your kidneys to stop urine production at night. But if you are detoxing or healing the messages don't get through properly.
  5. melbournegirl

    an argument for meal planning (and against LARA bars)

    Ooh poor you, doesn't sound worth it... Better to wait till you get home next time?
  6. melbournegirl

    Breakfast--Newbie here

    The weirdest for me is when I eat salad for breakfast... Anything else I'm good with... Soups, curry, any leftovers but salad always makes me smile
  7. Hey Deb, I've always wondered about this, I think maybe kombucha is revered because it is a probiotic drink made with tea, sugar and juice to grow the bacteria . I assume that the bacteria consumes all or nearly all the sugar including whats in the juice and the tea is for flavour. But the benefit is the bacteria which helps digest your food. The benefit of coconut water is the vitamins and minerals making it a good hydrator like a sports drink but it doesn't really provide health benefits over food and it is high in sugar like fruit juice which while not excluded, isn't recommended on a whole30.
  8. You'll notice a big difference in three days, hang in here!
  9. melbournegirl

    The Great Pancake controversy

    Boiled eggs peeled and carrot and cucumber sticks fit just fine in ziplock bags and are very easy to eat.
  10. melbournegirl

    Konjac / Shirataki Noodles

    If you've got digestive issues, stay away from these noodles. They make me very sick. While they have been around for years (so has white rice)... they are promoted for health and weight loss because they are so low calorie..... But that's because they are made from poorly digested starches extracted from yam (konjac) and from kelp (shiratake) and have no nutritional contribution at all. It's like adding psyllium or rice bran or Metamucil to your food. Better to have zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash or any real vegetable.
  11. melbournegirl

    Time for a pep talk?

    Intolerances usually arise due to leaky gut and poor gut flora anyway. I suggest focusing on healing your gut with probiotics and bone broth, it certainly won't hurt. Any changes in diet especially for sensitive stomachs trigger symptoms, perhaps enzymes will help too. I just cut out fruit and it took my stomach 5 days to adjust...(loose stools) Who would have thought? I tried two meals a day a few months ago and that caused the opposite effect.... It's not always predictable how our guts reacted when impaired.
  12. melbournegirl

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Look in Asian supermarkets too.
  13. melbournegirl

    What have YOU dreamt about?

    Wow, I only dreamt of eating crackers and muesli bars!
  14. melbournegirl

    30 days complete but don't feel much different

    For many people, losing weight on a whole30 won't happen until hormones and stress and sleep patterns improve. It seems that for most people with additional problems, 60 or 90 days is needed to get a true reset. For others, nuts and nut butters and dried fruit make it difficult either through the concentrated source of calories or via inflammation from omega 6's an insulin response.
  15. melbournegirl

    Time for a pep talk?

    I did a full exclusion as a precursor to a clinal trial testing non coeliac gluten intolerance. I was always intolerant to onion, garlic, wheat and rye (fructans), nice to know why finally so I didn't test these again. Same for cabbage and legumes. I reacted to peas, cauliflower, beetroot, avocado and mushrooms. Except for peas, I find I can tolerate these others in reasonable amounts if I don't eat them too often. I avoid artificial sweeteners like the plague. I react to watermelon and some fruits but eat them any way in summer and just put up with the bloating. Since cutting out grains and dairy my tolerance is better. I think there is an immune health and gut flora health influence on fodmap intolerance ie if your gut is healthy you are less likely to be fodmap intolerant or your intolerance improves as your gut health improves.