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Don't compromise your finish line for ANYTHING.


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I messed up today. I'm on Day 37 of my Whole45 and deliberately consumed some homemade AIP brownies (a recipe I devised for my mom). They contained raw honey, not to mention that they are BROWNIES, no matter what the ingredients are.

They just didn't look right and I felt like I needed to try them and find out what was wrong. I rationalized to myself that, since I was past the 30 days, a little bit of raw honey was fine, right?

The moment I took two small bites, I hated myself. I compromised on the stupidest thing for no reason and I can't even claim it was a mistake.

I'm going to remain compliant through what was meant to be the end, but I'm just so angry at myself.

It's not worth it guys. It's never worth it. Make your goal and see it through, be it 20 or 100 days.

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Forgive yourself and move on. It's great that you picked up where you left off and it's also something that you had a bite at day 37 vs. day 4. It sounds like your whole30 has gone great for you. Just add on 15 days and you'll be on track. Also, you learned it wasn't worth it.

I did a full dairy reintro yesterday and had ice cream. It wasn't even good. I didn't enjoy it and can't wait to have fresh fruit today. To me, the Whole30 template is a constant learning experience.

You will do great!

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