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A little ways off, but March 1 is coming quickly.


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Hi everyone,


I'm Patrick. I've tried Paleo off and on, and have tried another ketogenic diet (Precision Nutrition) which was similar to Paleo. In doing some research this past weekend, I found the Whole 30 Challenge, and am going to take a shot at it on March 1.


I know the rules and guides say to pick a date that's pretty close to today. The reason(s) I'm going with March 1 are that I'm doing an 30 day Paleo Challenge, which may or may not conflict with these rules (I haven't dug into their meals enough to know for sure). Plus I made the mistake of jumping into the challenge with both feet (and finding out that I couldn't get all of the ingredients that they set up). So, I'm planning on making sure I have all of the long-term (non perishable) ingredients before the first. Then I'll get the rest of them in time to start.


So, who's with me on March 1?


Have a great day. :)

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Well, I'll be right behind you starting March 2. I will be at a major conference on March 1, and while I know it is totally doable to stick to W30 on travel, I think it's too much pressure for me to *start* for my first time ever under those conditions.


Like you, I feel like I maybe should be following the "start now or really soon" guideline, but my really amazing local rancher - source for grass-fed/pastured meats - only delivers to my area once a month, so I have to plan out and order a month of meat in advance. And I still have all of last month's "cured with sugar" bacon and maple sausage to clear out of my freezer. Also, I have to mail order some things - like sunbutter, since our small local health food store only carries one brand and it has "evaporated cane juice" in the ingredients list.


So ... I'll start in on your day 2, and then come back here to cheerlead for you and see how it's going  B)

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