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Starting a Whole30 on top of another challenge


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I was going to wait until a local 6 week challenge is over, but I'm realizing that the rules for that challenge are just way too relaxed for what I need right now. That, and I'm really needing the extra community boost of a place like this at this time.

The 6 week challenge seems to be for people totally new to paleo who might be a little scared of it. It allows sugar and alcohol, among other things. I think I just have a lot of stressful things going on in my life right now and I allow this to be an excuse to indulge in things that don't feel right in my body. Over the course of the last 5 months or so, I have learned that I may be one of those people who need to stay on the Whole30 permanently, with very little deviance, to feel at my best. Has anyone else discovered their bodies are so sensitive to food?

I don't mind it, but I just need the structure of the challenge to fall back on at this time in my life. So, today I'm starting a Whole30 regardless of the rules of the other challenge (which this more than satisfies). I'll undoubtedly be posting a lot in this thread. There has been a lot of big stresses in my life lately and I like the feeling that I'm not alone on this paleo boat. Unfortunately, this local challenge has not really organized the community too well, so I feel pretty alone! This forum has come at the most perfect time!

Off to start day 1. :)

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Yesterday felt great, eating so clean again. Except, my body is a little mad at me for doing yoga on top of Tough Mudder training. I earned that stinking sweet potato! ;)

Something else huge happened yesterday. My brother, who has been giving me crap about going paleo from the beginning, is going to give it a try! I'm pretty stunned because his diet is largely made up of pizza and he never cooks, but very happy to see him taking charge of his health.

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