1st challenge starting Feb 14th. Is anyone else in with me?


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Hi everyone,

I'm about to embark on my 1st challenge, I had my 1st baby in September and although I've lost the baby weight I gained, I really need to make some changes to the foods I'm eating, I'd also like to feel better about myself, improve my energy and hopefully lose a bit of weight.

It'd be great if there are others out there about to start so we can support & motivate each other :)

Here I go, challenge is on!!

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Hi :) I am starting today too! I read "It starts with Food" and I signed up for the daily emails. I attempted the whole30 last month and got to day 21 and then, well, cookies. My old habits showed up and I'd mindlessly eaten the cookies before I remembered I was trying to accomplish the Whole30 :( I was feeling amazing up to that point though! I am eager to make it all the way through. I cleaned my pantry, grocery shopped, already learned some new recipes last month and explained my new eating habits to my family and friends last month. I feel some of the obstacles are behind me. Personally, I find turning down invites to go out to dinner the hardest but it's just 30 days! We can do this!


Challenge accepted!

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