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Day 29


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Well I made it to day 29.  This Whole30 plan has been a great change for me.  I get to eat foods I like that are good for me and feel so much better because I gave up foods that I like that are not good for me.  I was especially happy when I read in the book that I could have clarified butter, because I love my butter and I can conquer all if I can keep my butter....  I had a hard time giving up my half and half in my one morning cup of coffee.  My brain tried to justify having just a little bit of half and half once a day, but I refused to give in.  What I did find was coconut milk in my coffee was a great replacement and I don't plan on going back to half an half.  I can't say that I felt deprived or that I craved anything.  Mentally I thought of things I like that I could not have, such as pop corn at the theater - which I replaced with nuts the one time I went to see a movie and it was fine!  Major success for me because until now movie without pop corn is like a month without sunshine.  Anyway, no real cravings, no bad withdrawals, I think I may have had a headache a couple of times.  What I am finding is that I am not hungry between meals at all, in fact a few times I was not hungry at the next meal.  If anything I felt like I may have eaten too much, but I stayed withing the guidelines, so go figure.  I have  a lot more energy.  One annoying thing was waking up before my alarm everyday and being wide awake... really?!  I just wanted to sleep in, but I no longer have a need to because I am energized when I wake up.  So that is the good thing I guess.  Another thing that was remarkable was my will power.  It is amazing how strong your will power is when you don't crave crap food because you haven't eaten crap food.  Typically when I get on  my health kicks, I have a really hard time resisting but not this time.  I didn't even have any desire to eat a chunk of my daughter's birthday cookie cake, or to indulge in the office carry-in.  So I consider that a victory for me.  I have about 4 sizes I want to drop so I am planning on doing this another 30 days and beyond.  The daily newsletters have been great - the mayo recipe is awesome I have made three batches and I will never buy mayo again.  Overall this is a good program for me. Thanks for the encouragement and the resources you have available - I didn't look at all the fruits on the list until this week and was so happy when I found bananas on it!  So the lists and all the stuff on the site as well as the book set me up for success! 

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