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Newcomer to the Whole 30 world


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Hey all...

Saw some info on this so I'm giving it a shot. I had a baby 8 months ago and lost 10lbs off my pre pregnancy weight but then somehow gained it all back. I've tried other diets cut fast food and soda out of my diet and lost a few pounds but more need to come off.

Any pointers ..tips...etc would be awesome! !


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1. Don't make this about a number. You will get discouraged if you do. This is about getting to a healthy point in your life. For some, that means gaining/maintaining the weight NUMBER but losing inches everywhere. So don't focus on a number!


2. Follow the rules 100%. Absolutely. You'll feel like you're eating way too much. You'll feel like you are eating too much fat. You'll feel like you need to cut calories. DON'T. Trust them for a month - after all, what's the worst that can happen? The worst would be nothing happens - no changes to your body at all.


3. Make your meals interesting and by the template. Don't go with boring stuff. Yes, a plain chicken breast with steamed broccoli with olive oil is technically compliant, but no one would like to eat that every day. Chicken with a compliant salsa, avocado, and sauteed peppers/onions/garlic - that's a bit more interesting and you'll actually want to eat it.


I'm a fan of weekly cookups but they might not work in your life. Figure out what does work and do that.

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Thank you very much...I am starting the beginning of March as thats when I can do a full grocery shopping and hit up the food co-op too.

I want to lose some weight but I don't have a number I recently had a physical so I am sticking with that weight as my start. And I found Nom Nom Paleo and she had some awesome recipes! So this will be great because I love to cook so crafting up new things to eat will be fun and I'll get my husband to try them too :) Also just joined a Whole30/Paleo group on Facebook too :)


Thank you!!!


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