Just a lament over the supply drop with Whole 30

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When I did my last Whole 30 in October, I was on here whining about my supply dip.  It came back some, but never all the way.  Now, I'm on Day 8 of another Whole 30, and the dip is drastic.  Granted, my daughter is over a year, but she doesn't care for cow's milk and human milk is obviously better for her so I want to continue pumping while I am at work. 


I thought maybe I could post and example of what I eat to see if anyone has any insight.


Breakfast -- Spinach with breaded almond meal chicken, sweet potato wedges covered in coconut oil, roasted broccoli made with olive oil, two oranges. 


Lunch -- Spinach, more sweet potato wedges, two Applegate Farms organic hotdogs, black olives, a handful of macadamia nuts


Dinner -- yellow chicken curry in coconut milk with carrots, zukes, onions and bell peppers over spinach with sweet potato wedges covered in coconut oil. 


If I'm not eating sweet potatoes, I am eating spaghetti squash for a starchy veggie.  If I feel like there is not enough fat, I am adding nuts.  Also, I lost some weight last time, but not a ton so I don't think I am depriving my body.  The milk I pump has a good layer of fat. 


Any thoughts on milk-making foods to add?  I'm not hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli at any point in the day except maybe when I wake up. 


Thanks again for any insight or at least for listening. 



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Have you tried pumping once daily? I may start doing that. My supply took a dip around day 3-4. I'm on 16 today. I've been drinking Mother's Milk tea. I think it helps. Since you've done this before....does your supply go back to normal when you're not eating whole 30? I don't know if it's because I'm losing weight quick or just my diet that is making my breast less full. 

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This may be too late, but I know that fenugreek helped my milk supply when I was nursing. I was taking 2 capsules, 3 times a day... I think around 2400 mg. It kinda makes your skin smell like maple syrup, but my supply went up. :-)

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