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Pumped to start my second W30 on March 1st!


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I did my first in January 2013, got pregnant in February 2013, and have dilly-dallied with whole weeks here and there but wind up giving in for dinner out or easy dinner at home, etc. With a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old I'm ashamed to say ordering pizza has been a regular occurrence the last few months. 


But, the 3 month old is sleeping through the night and I need to get serious about my health. 


I didn't keep a food log for the first time around so I'm looking forward to doing that this time. I know the food will be simpler this time, as I'm not going to do anything too wild and crazy and probably won't even try any new recipes. 


I also know I will need support. So glad to have this forum!  

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I have my lemon and egg on the counter waiting to make some mayo. Just bought some cheesecloth to make some more ghee. Roasted a couple pounds each of broccoli and cauliflower last night. Need to do some Brussels sprouts, meatballs, and hard boil some eggs and I am SO ready for Saturday to get here! This time around I'm all about prepping ahead, having some freezer things ready to go, and just being massively over prepared. Last year it was just me and my 18 month old so if I needed to whip something up real quick it wasn't that big of a deal. With her now in the terrible twos and the 3 month old tagging along I sometimes barely have time to make myself a cup of coffee in the morning. Let alone breakfast! So, over prepared, super excited, ready to get this party started. After I enjoy my last cup of coffee with stevia in it tomorrow morning, of course. Haha. 

What does everyone else prep ahead? I would love more ideas! I will also probably do some shredded salsa chicken in the crock pot and some sweet potatoes. Either hash or just roasted chunks. 

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Oooh... make some spaghetti sauce with the ground meat of your choice.  That's a great thing to already have made &

on hand in the freezer.  Meatballs, ditto.  Spaghetti squash takes a ridiculous amount of time to bake (90 min.), so

cook the squash on a weekend or the night before...  


Another staple I cannot live without (and couldn't live without even before W30) is a big heap of delicious roasted

red bell peppers.  Cut up into hearty strips and toss in EVOO.  Roast at 350 to your liking.  They are so tasty and

go well with any meal.  Toss them into your omelette/scrambled eggs, awesome on salads, they spruce up leftover

meat from last night's dinner... I can't get enough roasted~reds.  They pair well with other roasted veggies (carrots,

asparagus, onion, sweet potato chunks).   :D

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