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Feeling Nit-picky and discouraged?

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Thank you for posting this!


I am feeling discouraged today - day 15, so I kind of feel like I should have a handle on it by now, but yesterday and today have been probably my worst days for cravings, and I'm also feeling really tired and a bit disgruntled that the "magic energy" hasn't kicked in for me - I'm normally super energetic and cheerful, and at the moment I feel really flat and down. I'm also sad about my running, which is normally such a joyful thing, and has been such hard work for the last two weeks. 


On the positive side, it's times like this I would normally eat cake. And I visited a friend yesterday who was preparing a cake stall, chocolate tarts, jam tarts, apple tarts, sponge cake, lamingtons - ALL the best baked goods in the world, and she was asking for product testers!! And I ate NONE OF IT - which makes me a freaking SUPERHERO! 


Hoping things turn around soon and I start feeling more energetic.

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