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1st trimester woes and successes

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Hey everyone. I thought I would open up a topic for newly pregnant women. I just found out I'm pregnant with baby number 5 last week. I haven't hit the "morning sickness" this time around like I have in previous pregnancies and I'm hoping to keep it at bay with healthy eating, exercise and lots of relaxation. 



I've been consuming smaller meals throughout the day. I'm allowing myself snacks if I'm hungry but just too nauseous to do a mini meal. It's usually fruit, veggies, hard boiled egg or jerky. I had a craving for dairy and succumbed and felt gassy and anxious after. Lesson learned and restarting with that in mind!



I'm trying to move about 45 minutes a day. I do random things throughout the day and lots of dancing and light jogs here and there. I plan on getting back into yoga as well.



I'm a massage therapist, so I definitely know the benefits of relaxation. I plan on doing more meditation and forcing myself to let some messes go. With so many kids in the house, this will be the hardest. However, they love playing their own games so I will use that opportunity to just lie down and read or catch up on some TV!!


How far along are you and what has been helping you get through this first trimester? 

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I started my third whole30 today and I took a pregnancy test this morning as my husband and I have been trying.

I took a test last week and it was negative and today I had a very faint positive line.

I do not feel any different so I will take another test in a few days but will continue with the whole30.

Would those who are pregnant still stick to the three meals a day? Or is it recommended to have snacks?

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*Previous Poster- The starting email in this pregnancy thread recommends more than 3 meals (snacking and grazing to your hearts desire!)


I am trying to get pregnant starting this month.  I'm going to stick to Whole30 principals during my pregnancy because I have lupus and I am trying very hard to minimize inflammation in my body and other ways lupus affects my body.  My first baby (who is 19 months) was born with heart defects (PDA and medium ASD).  The doctors told me it was not due to my lupus and they did not give a reason for her heart defects.  I was also induced at 39 weeks because of being high-risk due to my lupus.  She was also born with low blood counts due to my lupus, but her blood counts went back to normal around 3-6 months old.  A hematologist told me I should speak to my OBGYN for my next pregnancy about this and most likely do C-section instead due to the risks associated with low blood counts.


My wish would be that I could have a normal pregnancy and not be induced or have a planned c-section.  I feel like the more time a baby gets in the womb, the better, especially since my baby was born with a PDA and other preemie-like conditions.


I am considering 2 other diets but will most likely stick to the Whole30.  The other ones I am considering are Weston A. Price & Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) version of Whole30.  I'm not sure if I should just stay away from all major allergens (AIP) during pregnancy and breastfeeding or if it would be better to include some dairy.  My daughter had terrible colic- I felt so bad for her... I read somewhere that not eating dairy during pregnancy MIGHT help that?  But there isn't really any proof... 


At the moment I am eating paleo and including nuts, dark chocolate, tomatoes, and seeds, so I'm definitely NOT following AIP right now.  I'm hoping for guidance through this forum about what others opinions are for my situation, but mostly I am interested in reading about and supporting all the pregnant ladies out there trying to eat healthy and avoiding grains/processed foods/sugar.

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How is everyone feeling?


I'm currently on day 9 of the whole30, and actually feeling good. I am allowing myself to snack in between meals so every 2-3 hours, and I should probably look at what I am snacking on as it is currently fruit or nuts. However, all other meals are great and following the meal template.


I'm actually feeling quite good. A bit tired, but that's to be expected. Otherwise, no symptoms as of yet which worries me a bit. I am craving bread and cake in a bad way, though, and if I wasn't on the whole30, would be consuming it like it was going out of style.


After these 30 days, I am going to Canada and then Las Vegas for two weeks to visit family and for a conference. My eating will not at all be whole30 compliant but I will try to stick to Paleo as much as possible, and then once I get back in mid-May, do another whole30 to give my body and baby the best possible food and nutrients I can.


Hope you're all feeling well!



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