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Unexpected Anxiety Week One

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Hello, I wanted to share something that I experienced in the hope of generating a discussion on this topic.

I'm in my mid 40's now. As a young woman and again after the birth of my daughter, I experienced pretty debilitating anxiety. Through therapy I've been able to keep the anxiety at bay for a number of years.

I'm on my first week of Whole30 and the anxiety has resurfaced. It occurred to me that it may be because I am no longer comforting myself with food.

I'd be curious to know if any of you have experienced this or if you agree with this thought of mine.

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Hi Msmonogram,


You know You best.  So I'm leaning on the side that you're correct about

food having been a comfort for you, and now that has been restricted with

the W30 rules, so anxiety has returned.  I am truly sorry that you are suffering.  


If you have had success with therapy, I'd suggest you follow that path.  There is work

ahead for you.  But you can unravel the source and conquer this anxiety with the

right guidance.  


I wish you well...through and through!   :)

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I have experienced something similar.  I use food as a way to comfort myself and when I don't, it can take a couple weeks for my anxiety to calm down.  I have depression, slight OCD, and experience anxiety on a daily basis.  Sometimes it's so bad that I just stay in, cancel all my plans, or even call off work.  I've done a couple Whole30s and sometimes during the first two weeks, my anxiety gets worse...but after that it always gets better!  (;

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