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NRitchie's 2nd Whole30 1st Whole60


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I'm doing a whole60 this time because even though last time I said I was going to keep going I stopped at 30 because I started with the thought that I was going to stop at 30.  With all the different diets that I have put my body through and my poor eating habits 30 days was not enough for me.  I've taken a 2 week break since my last whole 30 reintroducing foods... And really just hate the way I am feeling again and want to just go back and do it again.  


1) My main goal is to be able to start waking up at 4:30 AM and go to bed by 8:45 PM.  I'm starting a new job on the 17th so the only time I will be able to fit in the gym is from 5-6 AM.  


2) I want my energy levels to stay consistent throughout my day


3) I want my concentration/focus levels to be above average 


4)  I want to heal the dry ichy skin I have 


5)  Lose weight (I started today at 126 and this time will NOT weight myself until day 60)


6)  I finally got into a size 25 jean- but I have a muffin top like WHOA, so my goal is for my pants to fit w/out the muffin top!


7)  Acne to go away... That was the first thing to come back, 2nd was my wrist pain and 3rd was my dry skin


8) Wrist pain to go completely away


9) Perform at Maximum level capacity with my workouts 6 days a week


10) Acid reflux (choking on my food from getting stuck in my esophagus) to stop completely


Day 1


Meal 1:  2 eggs w/red bell pepper


Meal 2:  1 chicken thighs and 2 cups broccoli


Meal 3:  Damn fine chicken (1 drumstick 1 thigh), parsnip, cauliflower, carrot puree


Elliptical 1 hour 


PWOM: 1 chicken thigh and 1/2 sweet potato w/cinnamon and nutmeg.


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