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End of Day 7, need to remind myself of goals!


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Hi there!

I haven't posted yet but I have completed Day 7 and today was the worst so far. I need some encouragement! It's so interesting how much I use food to treat myself and to "soothe" myself. Have had a couple of busy and stressful days and really wanted all things sugar. Last night I went to a birthday party that was catered by a great chef and all I could have was the crudités. I felt a little uncomfortable just bc I didn't want to draw attention to myself (not drinking, etc) and didn't feel like answering questions about the program. I actually was more concerned that everyone would think I was pregnant. Anyway, we didn't stay too long and my husband told me that the cupcakes weren't THAT good :)

The daily emails have been pretty dead on (timely) except that I was particularly hangry today. I think I need to incorporate more fat into each meal (old behaviors of being scared of fat creep in). Also need to remind myself of my goals and motivation. I have the most energy in the morning and breakfast tastes SO good. I don't usually eat breakfast so this is an interesting change for me. It's a lot of food prep but the slow cooker has been a life saver. The PWO meals have also been an adjustment but I'm glad I finally understand the science behind it.

Good night!


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Reminding yourself of your goals and motivation is a good start.


If you post 2-3 days worth of your food log, including daily water intake, exercise, and nightly hours of sleep, folks here can give you feedback on possible tweaks.

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