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Starting March 15th


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First timer here.  I am a little nervous about starting Whole 30.  I've never done well on diets, though I know this isn't a "diet," it's still a change.  My sister is supposed to start with me (she's already mostly paleo and all she'll be giving up is dairy and the occasional cheat day), but my husband is not.   It's the husband part that makes me nervous.  We were grocery shopping while I tried to explain what I could and could not eat during the challenge.  He's dumbfounded at the no dairy.  No grains is hard, but how can I live without cheese?  But I am determined to make it through. 


I am spending this week planning.  I'm looking up meals, going through my pantry to weed out some temptations, and shopping for real food.  I don't eat bread, but I'm finding flour and sugar in everything.  Also looking up good on-the-go breakfasts.  I never get up early enough to fix something before I'm out the door and heading to work.


I think the hardest, besides the cheese, will be the sweet tea.  I have, and enjoy occasionally, different tea flavors.  But my main drink at home is sweet tea.  We don't keep sodas in the house, or juice, and our water doesn't taste the best.  I may be investing in a filter soon. 


I get horrible headaches and migraines.  I'm hoping, if this doesn't get rid of them, doing the Whole 30 will at least lessen the frequency and severity, or point me in the right direction to finding my triggers.  I've heard how it's helped a co-worker and friends with health issues, maybe something will click for me as well.  Honestly, I'll try anything to make them go away; meds don't seem to help much. 


Looking forward to the challenge.  Maybe my husband will start to feel better too, even if he's only one meal a day without grains. 

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