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Well, this is me on whole 30


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24 days ago, olives were fine, but not my favorites (or even in my house.)

now, olives are my great friends!


day 24 - in a week delay, it seems like tiger blood is here!

stronger workout, great energy

no craving


life are great!


just finished reading "Good calories - bad calories" by Gary Taubs, hence the idea of "tiger blood" is clear to me:

get rid of the old concept of calories in vs. calories out - without carbohydrates, the body will dispose extra calories by increasing body heat and by needing more activity.

not feeling "tigerbloody"? - give it some time, reduce carbs, increase fat and voila - there it is!




but even so, will stick with my decision to elongate the experience to a whole45.

you're stuck with me to the end of April. hope you're having as much fun as I do



yet, today was not really an exemplary day.

had a long & hard workout (2 hours, with long uphill intervals)


that meant a very late breakfast.


and a later lunch (4 hours after)


and yet, in the afternoon, was hungry again. so hungry!

and what I ate was strawberries. I know that it's not such a great sin, but it felt like that.


(oh, yes, they were great, made me feel good, happy, and full of energy)

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Day 25.

had a business meeting the whole day. decided to cycle there (today was scheduled as a rest day) - 18 miles at an easy pace.

took my post workout greens and breakfast with me.

on the way, there is a small climb to manage - did it easily.

on the way back, climbing from the other side ( a steeper climb) was also easy!

and that is after I thought that I actually gained weight, as my pants (which I didn't try on for a while) were a bit tight. I may be loosing weight from my upper body.


yes, the tiger-blood is certainly here! 

I've also realized that it's much easier for me to stay focused during the long hours of the meeting.

20 more days like that will be excellent!


oh yeahh!! 

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Officially, this is the end of day 30,

even more officially, 2/3rd of the way to a whole45 is behind me.

It seems as if all is getting clear and well, then I've had a hard day today, and by hard I mean - hard to train. heavy legs, long time to warm up. Once I've past the warm up stage, felt better. 

A good reminder that I'm not there yet.

Other than that, it seems like this way of life suits me. even a family gathering couldn't tempt me to stray from the challenge  :D


the only thing I miss is yogurt & more fruits.



Two more weeks to go - let's get there!

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Day 35 - 

yes, the elongation of the whole30 is certainly worth it!


on the one hand - life are OK on the whole30, hence the "need" to get back to my old routine is minimal.

and on the other hand - weight is starting to shed off, strength is coming back to me - with the ability for longer workouts and generally, life are good



10 more days to go, and I'm starting to figure out what's next. a ketogenic diet? a more flexible whole30?

time will tell.

looked at the reintroduction page and the idea of testing legumes or grains is not that appealing.

10 days from now, my first try will certainly be yogurt!

then, 4 days later, maybe my home made fermented rye bread. but only maybe..  :rolleyes:

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Day - umm, what day is it? oh yes, day 39.

and I'm getting off track.


I've started the challenge mainly out of curiosity, and as a challenge per se. then I've started reading about Paleo

then I've started reading about the science behind it all, and then I've reached ketosis.

now, nearing the end of my 45 days challenge, I'm at the stage of better energy, better sleep, less hunger and keto bodies of 0.7-1.0

weight is shedding off me, yet I'm getting scared of loosing it and terrified of going on with it.

My main dilemma now is - should I go on with this state of ketosis, or should I go back to "normal"?


6 more days.

enough time to make up my mind.

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has this time really done any change?


that was my thought in the morning, as I put on my pants and they felt tight.

Then I closed the belt, and had to move it one hole tighter..

great sleep 

great energy the whole day

better concentration


Oh yeahh!!

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Dear all

It's time to say good-bye.

It was an amazing journey and I wish to thank you all for the support.

My main goal was to get rid of a nasty rash. It has eased, but not gone.


But what did I get?

- Lost weight

- great skin

- better eating habits, was able to pass the whole 45 days with no fail, no slip and no regret.


Today I've introduced yogurt - it was great!!
will add cheese for supper. maybe.


I have no desire to reintroduce legumes or grains. not yet, at least.


Good luck to you all and once again - a great big THANKS! 

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