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momof2osaurus's First Whole 30


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Ok! Today, 3/18, is the first day of my first Whole 30. So far, I'm still enthusiastic, although apparently my body is a BIG fan of sugar and is already noticing the lack only 8 hours in. Ow my head.




3 eggs, fried in ghee, over a small sweet potato (chopped) and some roasted red peppers cooked in the leftover ghee. OMG. Delicious. Ghee-licious? Hahaha.


Side note - very friendly Indian cashier at Meijer saw that I saw buying ghee and told me how to make it myself. That was awesome.




Tuna packed in olive oil over salad - half spinach, half romaine. Side of baby carrots. Banana. Couldn't finish the salad or carrots, but I ate as much of it as I could. Not delicious.


Dinner (will be):


Hamburger patty with green beans and...one other vegetable that I haven't figured out yet...cooked in more ghee. At the moment I can't imagine putting more vegetables in my stomach.


I'm a little nervous because tonight is my long class night (there until 10) and I always have a nasty blood sugar crash right around 7 when I'm there late. My plan of attack on this is to eat dinner before I go and then be hyper-prepared for a snack if I need it - I'll bring along two hard-boiled eggs and some almonds, along with a Larabar in case of EXTREME emergency. 


What I've learned so far:


I did not buy enough produce.

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Yesterday ending up being ground beef with green beans and spinach and dehydrated onions cooked in ghee for dinner. I DID need all of the snack I took to class, hopefully as I get farther in my blood sugar will stabilize a bit and the crashes won't happen. I was very very tired this morning when I woke up, but I also slept really well last night. And my hands weren't swollen when I woke up, which is great.


Day 2 (so far):




Same as yesterday. Yum.


Coffee with coconut milk and some cinnamon around 10 AM. Surprisingly tasted really good!




Leftover dinner, same as last night. This would be even better with some tomatoes thrown in.




Either more leftovers or some chili. Mmmm chili.




I LIKE spinach cooked in stuff! Who knew??

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