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Kerryn's Post Whole30 Log - The Experiment Begins!


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Well, after 30 days I feel like I've only just begun!


Day 1 of Reintroduction - Dairy.


The one thing that has continually nagged at me throughout the Whole30 was my coffee. I will drink it black, but I really love a full cream cappuccino from my local cafe once a day, and have missed it so much! So dairy is the first thing I wanted to come back.


Pre-workout meal - half a meatball (was running late)


Post Workout meal - a few slices of cold meat, some sweet potato mash. Half a slice of cheese while making my daughter's lunch.


Meal 1 - savoury meatballs with tomato & coconut milk sauce; cabbage, celery and cashews fried in coconut oil.




Meal 2 (will be) - More meatballs & sauce (will be that kind of a day); rocket, tomato and cucumber salad with olive oil, salt and pepper.


Meal 3 (will be) - 2 egg omelette cooked in butter (!!) with capsicum, shallots and cheese; rocket and pear salad. Frozen berries to finish.



Verdict so far - the coffee is weighing very heavily in my stomach. It was too rich. I was absurdly happy to take the first sip - my barista was laughing at me because I was so happy - but it just was too much. Back to green tea for a while I think. 


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I recently started drinking bullet proof coffee. You might google that. I brew good coffee and then put in a tsp each of coconut oil and butter. I also add a few drops of vanilla and then less cream than I used before bullet proof. It really tastes good and I guess it does something to make the coffee less toxic. Just a thought.

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I've stuck with black coffee at home, I don't really mind it. But am still having a cappuccino at work, although drinking a small cup, not a large, which makes a difference. I trialled cheese in my omelette and again found it too rich, so am staying off dairy except for that one cup of coffee a day.


Yesterday I tried gluten. 


Meal 1 - homemade pancakes made for me at our friend's house. I realised afterwards that this included milk, so threw my gluten testing off. 


Meal 2 (post-run) - bacon and eggs, a pear


Meal 3 BBQ'd lamb chops, salad, sweet potato


Meal 4 Home-made lamb and vegetable pie delivered by a friend (it was that kind of a weekend!). Followed by two spoonfuls of organic peanut butter (ingredients - peanuts and salt - taste to die for).


Verdict - The pancakes seemed to have no impact. I wasn't really that keen on them, to be honest. They were beautifully made, but I just don't have any great pull towards them.

The pastry from the pie last night weighed heavily in my stomach. I'm aware this wasn't a clean test, as I had the peanut butter. I woke up this morning not hungry (I always wake up hungry now). I ate my normal W30 breakfast of eggs and veg, but waited 5 hours until lunch and still wasn't really hungry. I'm not feeling major negative side effects from the gluten, just a general feeling that I've had filler instead of killer. Not lots of nutrition. That could be mental rather than physical, but either way, I don't really want to go back to gluten, so will be leaving it off the menu.


Next up is other grains on Wednesday. Hello porridge! It's suddenly turned cooler here in Sydney Australia, and porridge is my favourite winter breakfast, so looking forward to trying it!

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Day 7 post W30 and I'm still eating mostly compliant - 1 coffee per day with full cream milk in it. It makes me happy, and doesn't seem to affect me negatively. BUT yesterday I had a compliant day (plus the coffee) and after lunch was hugely bloated and gassy. I don't know whether to blame it on the milk in the coffee, or the raw capsicum I had with my salad. Today I've taken the capsicum out of my salad, so will see what happens.


I went to the cafe this morning and they had raw food bars - dates, strawberries, cashews & goji berries cold pressed to make a bar. I was kind of peckish (didn't have enough fat or starchy veg with breakfast, I ran out of time to make sweet potato mash) and curious about them, plus I liked the idea of having a "treat" at the cafe (I used to have a muffin once a week). FOOL! I denounce myself. I know dried fruit is a food with no brakes for me. I knew it already. It was way too sweet, I ate the entire thing in about ten minutes, felt sick, still wanted to eat more. Lesson, once again, learned...!


Meal 1 today - cauliflower, shallots, celery & fennel seeds fried in a little olive oil, bacon and an egg. Delicious.


Meal 2 - meatballs and tomato sauce, rocket salad with avocado, a banana


Meal 3 - TBA - I'm going out for dinner, so hoping they have something compliant. I want to reintroduce quinoa and oats tomorrow, so will have to keep it clean.

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Well, I fell off the wagon hugely last week with my husband's birthday. Sponge cake with cream and jam was the kick off.

The next day was more of the same, followed by the next day when we went to the local chinese restaurant to celebrate and I had all sorts of crazy stuff including fried ice cream. FRIED ice cream.


Ok so then I calmed down, but HOT CROSS BUNS are in the shops and I bought some and ate two.


So, to cut a long story short, I am back on the whole30. Day 2. All going swimmingly, and I am looking at it as a practice for life, this time, not an exercise in "what do I miss most".


Sugar is not that thing. I have felt so unwell and cranky all weekend because of the cake and ice cream and hot cross buns. Looking forward to having my digestion back to normal again probably tomorrow.


I also noticed how down on myself sugar makes me. Miserable and angry and worried. No thank you! I'm happy to be back on W30, and looking forward to the rest of this month.

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