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Out of the whole30 cocoon... into real life


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Just a small reminder to my future self for those times when it gets really hard.

Okay, my future self, sit down for a second, take a deep breath - or five or ten or a hundred and relax...

Think back to the start of 2014.

You decided to dive right into your 1st whole30, not really convinced this would work for you. How would you ever be able to not stray from the strict guidelines? You had no clue as to how to get a decent breakfast without bread, milk or oatmeal. And what about socializing, eating out, ...?

Well, dear self, you did succeed brillianly.

You finished a 1st whole35 without flaws. You slimmed down significantly, felt great, couldn't stop smiling and felt happy all the way. Ok, reintroduction got a tiny bit messed up, but after four days you plunged right back into a 2nd round.

Round 2 turned into a whole31, followed by reintroducing non-gluten (ok), dairy (definitely to be avoided) and gluten (causing major cravings, so not ok at all). Time to get back on track...

Conclusion after 2 rounds :

Â¥ whole30 is the way to go : healthwise and mentally

Â¥ no freaking out in case eating whole30 is not possible - try to be as compliant as possible

Â¥ avoid dairy - major bloating! - look into raw milk

Â¥ avoid gluten grains

Â¥ avoid sugar

Â¥ limit snacking on cashews

Â¥ aim to get 8 hours of sleep a night

Â¥ try to toss the scales

Â¥ limit use of pc, ipad and dvd

Reminder :

Read this in case of physical and/or mental exhaustion.

You succeeded not just once, but twice!!!

Now stop moaning and make a new (head)start...

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I'm fine, thank you.

After a totally non-compliant diner last night, I decided to have a go at a new whole30 round. I feel so much better following the rules.

As long as I can have a daily dose of raw cacao nibs, fresh fruit and black coffee...

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