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Starting April 1, 2014 - Trying Whole 30 as alternative to RX meds


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For the last two years I've experienced reactions after eating a variety of foods - cough, post nasal drip, congestion, digestive upset, etc. The reactions occur after dairy, soy, chocolate, rice as well as many other foods. They began shortly after my life became especially stressful - which seems to have triggered other health issues as well (fatigue, joint/bone pain, etc.). IGE testing showed no allergies, IGG testing showed allergies to eggs, yeast and pecans. Symptoms did not improve after eliminating those three foods. Lately I've been coughing a lot more so went to my MD. He feels my cough is caused by GERD even though I have no heartburn or other typical GERD symptoms. He wants me to take Prevacid and Allegra for a month to see if that helps. I read Chris Kresser's article series on GERD and decided to try taking digestive enzymes and tweaking my diet instead.


I am currently on Day 13 of the 21DSD, but the cough seems to be getting worse. I have been drinking coffee with heavy cream and I'm wondering if that is part of the problem. Possibly that or the increase in nut consumption while on the 21DSD. I decided that after the 21DSD (which I will finish on March 30) I will transition into a Whole 30. I am curious to see if eliminating cream for the Whole 30 will help resolve the cough, etc.


I have tried several times in the past to complete the AIP, but never made it past the first week. If I still have issues after the Whole 30 I plan an attempting the AIP again, to see if eliminating nuts, coffee and nightshades will impove my health issues. I'm hoping that the gradual approach of moving from 21DSD to Whole 30 to AIP (i.e., eliminating sugar, but still having coffe and cream, then eliminating the cream, then finally eliminating coffee altogether) will make it more doable for me.


I really don't like the idea of taking meds every day (except the armour I take for hypthyroid) so I'm really praying the Whole 30 will help me. I look forward to going to my one month follow-up appointment much improved, then suprising the doc with info that it wasn't prescription meds that fixed me, but real foods.

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