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I had some struggles last night but made it throught the "8 pm snacking hour"..lol!!! I have to say, I slept like a baby...I am one who usually wakes up every hour and sleeps restlessly...I was very tired and ready for bed earlier than normal.

Day 2 is here...had eggs/spinach/sweet potato...off to teach a couple of fitness classes today...hoping to stay focused and snack on celery, carrots, and veggies.

I am eating a lot of egg whites...chix, and will buy my grassfed beef today...My mind tries to take over...that's the hardest battle yet!

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Day 3....Lots of carrots/egg whites/made grassfed beef and had my share of veggies...Tried the macadamia nuts and I think they will be a

trigger food...so out they went...w/all the other nuts...just can't eat those as my source of fat. I do believe in the book it suggests using Coconut oil, flakes..for fat.

I have felt lethargic today; found out that I am anemic again due to my Celiacs Disease...so it's hard to distinguish what's causing my fatigue. I did teach all my classes without failure...Hoping to get in my run tomorrow then yoga..

I had the want to have a sugar processed food today but resisted...Yea me!!!

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