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April 1 - Brand new to Paleo


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Hi everyone!


I am new to all of this and have been getting ready to start my first whole30 on April 1.  I have read "It Starts with Food" and have my food/shopping list ready to go.  My teenagers are joining me (but they don't know it yet) - at least for 1 meal a day they will be eating clean with me!


While I have a good bit of weight to lose - my whole30 experience is not about losing weight.  I am tired of feeling bad and hurting all the time.  And even though I am anxious about being able to stick to this way of eating for a month - I am also excited to experience the changes in my digestion and chronic neck/shoulder pain due to stress and tension.  I want to feel better so I can feel like exercising again.  I am ready for this!!!

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