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Starting today!


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Hi all, I'm Charlotte from London, England and I started my first Whole30 challenge today! I felt like I needed to challenge my body and lose a bit of weight before I go on holiday next month. Do not want to look like Free Willy on the beach! 


I came across this on Marks Daily Apple forum and thought it looked interesting and I decided to give it a go. Day 1 is going well so far, looking forward to a juicy steak and salad for dinner tonight :) 


Really interested in how well you're all doing and looking forward to reading about why you want to do the challenge and if you have reached your goals. 


Good luck all,


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Welcome! Good luck with your whole 30! 


I'm doing pretty well, this is so rewarding :). On day 12 now, time really flies. I'm getting a lot more creative in the kitchen, sleep like a baby and my skin has not been this clear since I was a kid. I don't even use foundation any more. I started the whole30 as a stepping stone into more primal/paleo eating. I really hope reintroducing dairy won't cause any problem because I love it so much. I miss my cheese. (so I'm probably going more primal than pale). 

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