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Starting my 1st Whole 30 on 4/7

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I'm starting my first Whole 30 on 4/7.  I just got the book "It starts with Food" and am going to start reading it tonight.  


I am a 41 year old crossfitting lawyer.  My boyfriend also Crossfits, and while he isn't doing Whole 30 with me (he mostly follows the Zone template), he is very supportive of my efforts.  


I've got a lot of food issues and have not been able to go more than 6 days strict paleo, without some of these emotional issues being triggered and my straying back to Coca-colas and candy.


I have probably been paleo between 60-70% of the time in the last six months and I have seen quite the improvement! (Inches lost!)  I am now going to give this a try.  I want to be stronger (mentally and physically) and show these food issues that I'm in charge.  



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