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W30 2.0 Starting Today


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Good morning! I have completed one W30 and loved the results. I've started other W30s many times over the past year, but they've turned into W21s, W14s...you get the picture. I never went the full 30 days after my first time. 

The reason why I want to do a 2nd W30 is to work on my sugar demon and to properly reintroduce food at the end. The first time I did my W30, I posted my menus here, so I'm going to do the same this time around and hope that this accountability strategy works. 

Today's Menu: 

compliant chorizo-spinach frittata with a bit of homemade mayo
a pear

chicken burger with sautéed peppers, avocado
If I'm still hungry, I have about 1 c. of chicken Mexican chowder (sweet potato, butternut squash, salsa, spinach, bone broth, chicken)

chicken thighs, salad, homemade dressing

I have an apple and almond butter in case of emergency. I also have a primal pac. 

:) Have a great day! 


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Soooo, day 1 is today. Yesterday was a repeat of a battle I've been fighting for over a year. It needs to stop. It goes like this: I'm going about my day, eating W30 compliant food, and then suddenly there is some sort of sugar staring me in the face. Yesterday I caved for lame reasons -- I can always start tomorrow, right? Lame. I've been "starting tomorrow" for months now. 

It's like sugar talks to me. Coaxes me. I hate it. I need to kick it to the curb. It actually makes me sad that I might be a person who just can't eat sugar. Feeling angsty about a food doesn't feel right, but it's the way it is for me. My hope is that this W30 leads me to a healthier psychological path - like last time - and that I can find a way to keep sugar out this time. 

I've enlisted a friend to join me and hope that her support also helps. 

Menu for today/Day 1: 

chorizo-spinach eggbake, homemade mayo, bone broth (my stomach hurts from the sugar yesterday)

chicken-sweet potato-spinach soup/chowder, an apple, almond butter

coconut chicken soup, avocado, salad 


emergency food: primal pac or almond butter and banana

Here it goes! :) I CAN do this. 

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I should add what the W30 helped me with when I completed my first one in January 2013. 


- my awful, bleeding eczema disappeared 
- the nausea I'd had for years went away
- my skin looked better

- my hair was healthier
- general GI problems went away
- I had better, more even energy
- I slept like a baby
- I lost weight

Over the past year, I've eaten a mostly whole-foods based diet, but I slip with sugary food like chocolate. This can lead to other poor choices. My health in general has improved and I've learned so much about myself and how my body works. I believe that getting back into a W30 will arm me with even more knowledge so I can figure out how to feel my best all the time. 

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Day 1 was on a success. :) I ended up having some more of the chorizo frittata as a snack after work yesterday. 

Here's the plan for Day 2. 

M1: 2 eggs, sweet potatoes, Tessa Mae's dressing for a fat (missing a green veggie -- need to go grocery shopping)
M2: chicken thigh. sweep potato, dairy-free pesto for fat (again, need groceries, no green veggie)
M3: pear, almond butter OR primal pac
M4: some sort of curried shrimp, big salad (will get groceries after work :) )

I've been re-reading bits and pieces of ISWF and that is also helping. I've read a few paleo books in the past year and this one seems to help me the most. I love it. 

Here's to a good day! 


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Days 2 and 3 are in the books and compliant. :)  

I plan to do a cook-up tomorrow to make the coming week easy. 

- Silky Ginger Zucchini Soup (WF2)
- Mexican braised beef (Nom Nom's website)
- Best Chicken Ever (WF)
- roasted sweet potatoes (great with Penzey's Turkish seasoning)

- Coconut green beans (WF)
-Sauteed peppers

- hb eggs 

I bring my lunch to work everyday and also send a lunch with my partner, so I'll have to cook dinner at some point this week as well. I will probably do a "deconstructed hamburger" meal (burger on a salad) and a fish or shrimp recipe.

Any recommendations on a fabulous paleo fish or shrimp recipe? I have cod and mahi mahi for fish. I'm kind of tired of it baked with lemon - something a little more exciting. :) 

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Day 4 went well. Despite being in the depths of PMS, I still have some energy and it feels like my head is starting to clear from the sugar fog. 

I did most of my cook-up today, but not all of it. We had a busy day and I just couldn't fit it all in. I'm just finishing up my roasted sweet potatoes and zucchini soup now. 

I'll post menus tomorrow. :)

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Day 5  -  I was so very hungry today. I needed more bulk from veggies. 

2 eggs, roasted sweet potato "fries", hm mayo

2 hb eggs 

Mexican braised beef, homemade coleslaw, sweet potatoes

overcooked shrimp (boo), broccoli, an apple, almond butter 

homemade beef jerky -- it was my first time making it in my food dehydrator. It's so good! Maybe a little too good. :)

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Day 6 was probably my Kill All Things day. Luckily, everyone survived. 

M1: 2 eggs, broccoli, avocado, salsa, a bit of sweet potato

M2: Mexican braised beef, cole slaw, sweet potato
Snack: cinnamon coconut flakes (from WF), a couple of macadamia nuts

M3: chicken curry, green beans
I also had a kombucha (homemade)

I feel like the bloat is going away and I'm sleeping better. My face also looks clearer - I don't have "sugar eyes." I feel like my eyes get all heavy when I'm overdosing on sugar. Not happening anymore! 

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I re-read the timeline last night because I find myself trying to talk myself out of staying with this Whole30. I tell myself things like I should eat like this most of the time anyway and I know how to eat like this most of the time, so why do a Whole30? Or, I'll say that all I really need to get under control is sugar, so maybe I don't need to worry about the rest of the details? I'm not sure if this is coming up because my brain is trying to talk me out of my Whole30 because it wants sugar or cheese or whatever, or if it's because Easter is coming and I'm going to my parents' house and I *hate* inconveniencing people with my food needs/issues. So, right now I'm just doing this one bite, one meal at a time. I believe I read a "Dear Melissa" where she said to do that when things feel hard. So, that's what I'm doing. 

M1: 2 eggs over easy, avocado, salsa (still hungry, so will probably have an apple and almond butter)
M2: zucchini soup, compliant andouille sausage, sauted peppers, avocado or mayo for fat
M3: going out to eat (maybe this is also why I'm talking myself out of my W30) - we're going somewhere with compliant food. I should be able to get some pulled pork and plantains here. I know the menu well, but not details on oils and other ingredients they use. Maybe I'll call today...and not worry about being annoying or inconveniencing anyone. :)

I have today off and need to plan out some meals for the weekend and next week. I'll be browsing through WF, WF2, Nom Nom Paleo, and other cookbooks to make a plan. This week, I want to make sure I have more steam-sauteed veggies available. I needed more veggies this past week. 

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I should be able to get some pulled pork and plantains here. I know the menu well, but not details on oils and other ingredients they use. Maybe I'll call today...and not worry about being annoying or inconveniencing anyone. :)


Yes!  Call during their slow time. (If it's a place that serves pulled pork, given today's Good Friday, I wonder how busy they'll be anyway?) 

The big there here will be seasonings, any marinades they use, and additional sauces they add. All suspect for gluten, soy, MSG, sugar and non-compliant oils. For the plantains, confirm anything they're cooking in is compliant.


Also, you're approaching the place on the timeline where people frequently quit. Hang in there, as you said, one meal at a time, and keep reminding yourself of all the reasons you chose to conduct a Whole30.  Read some success stories to inspire you.

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Great advice - thanks!  This place has a lot of gluten-free options (Brasa, in the Twin Cities, MN area, for anyone who's looking for a good gf restaurant option in the area). I'll call and see about oils used and the addition of sugar to sauces, etc. If nothing is totally compliant, I know they have Pellegrino (sp) and I'll just drink that and enjoy the company of my friends. It's about the company, right? ;)

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