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Question about additional prenatals

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I've been taking prenatals in form of: Folate (800mg), Vitamin D (5,000 IU), and Omega 3 (not completely sure about the dosage) for a year prior to getting pregnant. Now I am pregnant and am curious if I can stick with these amazing vitamins on top of Whole30, or do you still recommend additional vitamins?


I'm asking here, because anywhere I ask, I'm always recommended some multivitamin that has some crappy ingredients, folic acid, etc. 


Earlier, I googled what essential vitamins I need and one of my searches brought me to the following:


Folate, Vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin C, B6, Zinc, Omega 3, and Iron.


What do you think?

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I think you definitely need to be taking a vitamin that has more in it. On this site and forum there has been a lot of discussion about prenatals, their compliance, and what to take or not take. Some believe that if you are eating a diet that is nutrient dense and full of all of the whole food forms of the essential vitamins and minerals prenatals are not necessary. However, during pregnancy it can be difficult to consume these vitamins in food form if you are suffering from morning sickness or food aversions or both simultaneously.


This is the vitamin that Chris Kresser of Healthy Baby Code recommends and also is the one Melissa Hartwig took when she was pregnant. It is as close to compliant as you can get.




Now, I will comment from experience. The recommended dosage of this particular pill is 6 PILLS!! Yikes that was a lot for me and my poor stomach to handle. Since the daily value percentages were in the thousands for most of the vitamins it contains I decided for ME I would only take 2 daily. I also take 1tsp of FCLO daily. Between that and my diet which I have tried really hard to stick to paleo/W30 I am confident I am getting what I need. Hope this helps.

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