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Red Snapper For The First Time

but what's for dinner

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I am on Day 4 of the Whole30, but have been streaky on-again/off-again Paleo for about a year and a half now.  Which means...I have read a lot of Paleo and Primal material, and I have always wanted to try red snapper - just haven't had the guts to buy it and take a shot at cooking it! 


Today, I was feeling adventurous - I think it was a combination of the beautiful spring weather that has finally arrived in upstate New York, and the natural happiness/excitement of being on the Whole30!  They had wild caught red snapper so I grabbed some.

I did a lot of Google searches for Paleo/Primal/Whole30 ways to cook it.  I had no idea how to season this kind of fish and didn't want to mess it up.  Everything I read was either not quite Whole30 compliant, or I didn't have all the ingredients.  But I realized that there wasn't anything special to it - just put any kind of seasoning you want and cook it!  So I went with EVOO, salt, pepper, and chili powder.  I baked it at 425 for just 13 minutes. 


It came out perfectly!  What an INTERESTING fish!  No joke - I was feeling pretty consciously primal when I sat down with my simple fish next to my spinach salad; once I took a bite or two of the fish, I had a subconscious, nostalgic longing to catch a red snapper with my primal hands and enjoy it down by the water.  Such an interesting meal!  It is very meaty (at least, I think so - I usually eat salmon and consider it relatively meaty, but I may be way off there), but tender and juicy.  The flavor is mild - it actually tastes a lot like chicken, which pains me to say, but definitely has more flavor. 


I couldn't even touch the salad.  I just ate the whole fish, bite after bite.  I couldn't drag myself away.  Then I turned to the small bowl of strawberries (four of them) that I had cut up - the first fruit I've had since Tuesday.  They were some of the most delicious strawberries ever!  So incredibly flavorful and juicy.


I just had to get on here to share this.  Eating the right foods is not only delicious, but really affects your mood and your outlook!  I know this isn't news to anyone who is on this forum, but I am just so appreciative of how wonderful we can feel when we fuel ourselves the right way!


So, there's no question in this post.  Just a post to express my excitement and thankfulness for this forum, Whole30, Paleo and Primal eating in general, and all the people who encourage each other every day!  Have a great night!  :D

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