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  1. snowflower

    I Ate Plantain Chips...

    when I'm not doing a whole 30, I love to crush up a handful and sprinkle them on my taco salad! MMMMM
  2. snowflower


    Lucky you! I haven't been able to find compliant chorizo in my area so have made my own version with plain pork and seasonings. ENJOY!
  3. snowflower

    Rx Bars

    I had my first true Whole 30 Emergency food requirement: I work 12 hour shifts. Eat breakfast before work at 5:30am. Eat lunch at 1:30ish pm. Eat dinner when I get home at 8pm. I typically do not need snacks between meals, but do sip on coffee with nutpods in the morning between breakfast and lunch. (I know...I know...) Well, I had my Cobb salad for lunch at 1:30 on Thursday and then found out I'd be working until 11pm! I didn't have any extra meals packed. And the only option at work after 4pm is Subway. I am fortunate that I keep a stash of emergency food in my bag....So my "dinner" was a DNX bar, a Zora bar, and a blueberry RX bar. I ate all three together with a big jug of water. I showered and went straight to bed when I got home at midnight and then woke the following morning famished!! But I survived.
  4. snowflower

    Chocolate Sea Salt RX Bars Compliant?

    Some RX bars are technically compliant, but definitely not recommended unless it's an emergency.
  5. snowflower

    um my nipples?

    Is it possible that you're pregnant? That's the only time I've had sore nipples.
  6. snowflower

    Too Many Meals and not enough time

    I do Orange Theory, as well, and this is my (5th I think) Whole 30. I have never been able to do the full pre and post WO meals AND have a meal 1 so these are the ways I have made it work for me: If I have less than an hour before the workout I have: 1 hardboiled egg dipped in mayo. Post WO I have Meal 1. If I have more than an hour before the workout I have: Meal 1 and then either a mini-meal or nothing at all. Occasionally I'll have a pre WO snack and then after OTF a post WO snack and I'll skip Meal 1 entirely. Find what works best for you, keeps you energized and feeling good.
  7. snowflower

    Ending Day #2! (Good Night)

    What did you eat? How did your breakfast look? If you've got enough protein and fat with every meal, you shouldn't feel hungry/starving. My advice without seeing your food intake: don't snack, eat meals with all the food groups. If you need 6 of them in the beginning, eat 6. But stay away from snacking.
  8. Tell Melissa Hartwig to talk to the nutpods people.....we need a single serving size or less that 3.4oz option for travel!! I think I remember reading somewhere that Melissa travels with her nutpods, but she must check her luggage.....something I avoid doing regardless of where I'm going.
  9. snowflower

    Chewy/Gummy Textured Foods

    How about some overcooked rubbery chicken breast? I am truly addicted to chewy gummy bear type candies. If you are too, or if you're craving this texture, I strongly urge you NOT to try to satisfy that craving with dried fruit. Dried fruit is no brakes for me and wakes up my sugar dragon. I can put a tablespoon in my chicken salad or use in recipes, but no more than that.
  10. snowflower

    Candy's Kitchen Barcelona Vinaigrette

    @chessjeck Here's where I found it: I was thinking the same as you, and use tessemae's dressings regularly.
  11. snowflower

    Veggies make me queasy now...

    I did experience this with one of my favorite Whole30 restaurant meals....grilled octopus with a greek salad (minus the feta), and olives. I got food poisoning so bad and was vomiting for 6 hours straight. This was more than a year ago and I have not gone back to that restaurant. I survive eating other things. There are so many other vegetables! My favorites aren't on your list: broccoli, green beans, sugar snap peas, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, arugula, romaine, carrots, swiss chard.....have you tried any of these? If it's the whole vegetable that bothers you, try sauteed greens or soups?
  12. snowflower

    RX bars question

    Only the fruity ones are good for Whole30. The chocolately ones are too dessert-like even though their ingredients are compliant.
  13. snowflower

    A Mess Off W30

    @RandiW, we sound very I'll share my thoughts and experience. I'm generalizing please accept my simplified explanation of "addiction". For me...sugary treats and processed grain products are an "addiction" much like alcohol or drugs for other people. An alcoholic or drug addict may not be capable of moderation...therefore, complete avoidance is the best option for them. When I have tried to have sweets or processed grain products in moderation it almost always leads to adding in more and more until it has become a daily habit. Sometimes it has sneaked up on me and other times leads to a one-time binge that then leads to weeks of feeling crappy. Consumption of these types of things makes me feel "funky"...for me it's a combination of depression, low self esteem, less patience, and easily annoyed. What has worked for me in the past is eating Whole30ish, plus rice, legumes, added sugar in salad dressings and sausages, but NO treats or processed grain products unless it's a REALLY special occasion and/or the item is REALLY special. I need to remind myself that Nothing Bundt Cakes ARE. NOT. SPECIAL. (anymore) Hopefully this helps.
  14. snowflower


    Did this help @abbeys? any more dizziness?
  15. snowflower

    Teen daughter new to Whole30

    My first thought....have her thyroid checked. If it's not that, I'd visit your health care provider. How much weight are we talking? As far as July 4th...I find summer holidays to be the easiest when it comes to parties. You can easily grill just about any meat. If you want to keep it simple and not worry about marinades or seasoning just do a burger or compliant sausage or hot dog. Potato salad and broccoli salad can easily be made with compliant ingredients. Fresh raw veggies with a compliant dip or guacamole and fresh fruit (watermelon slices!) are good options too. If you want to get creative, you could try ribs with a sugar-free rub and sugar-free bbq sauce. For lunches these are my favorites (I'm not a teen, but I have 2 of them and they eat all of these): Salmon cakes. They freeze beautifully so I always make a double batch. Extra special good with Awesome sauce (recipe is at bottom of page here: Tuna salad, chicken salad or egg salad are all good lunch options with a side salad or raw veggies. Deviled eggs with prosciutto or compliant deli meat with a side salad or raw veggies. Dinner leftovers! Taco salad with ground meat, onion, seasonings served over lettuce with pico de gallo, avocado or guac and compliant dressing (Tessemae's chipotle ranch is my fav) Good luck.