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  1. snowflower


    Are you doing pre and post WO meals?? This can make a difference. OMG! I need to try this! Hang in there....and try to get a complete 30 days in. It'll be 4 Sundays that you need to make adjustments to and then you can add things back in and decide what is worth it for you.
  2. snowflower


    Snowflower's Eggroll in a Bowl -- I've been making this for years. It's a super easy one skillet meal and the leftovers taste great, too! 1 pound ground pork 1/2 yellow or white onion chopped 2 tsp sesame oil 3 cloves garlic 1 tsp ground ginger 1/4C coconut aminos splash of fish sauce 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper 1 package of precut coleslaw from Whole Foods (this has green and red cabbage and carrots and is probably around 6 Cups if you want to cut your own) 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp pepper Brown pork in a large saute pan until fully cooked. Add chopped onion and sesame oil. Cook until onions brown a bit. Mix spices and coconut aminos in a small bowl and then add to pork mixture. Add splash of fish sauce. Stir. Add cabbage mix and stir until cabbage has wilted a little bit.
  3. snowflower


    Where has everyone been? Hopefully still alive and kickin'.... I'm making my grocery list now and plan on doing some cooking today. I'm making: egg roll in a bowl (I'll post my recipe in a separate post) crockpot chili and trying something new: ribs in the instant pot with some broccoli slaw. I'll post the recipes if I like them. Have a great Sunday!
  4. snowflower


    I agree with @ShellyM and would go with Well Fed Weeknights. AND definitely check out her website, there are so many great recipes from WF1 and WF2 on there! Especially the Italian Roasted Pork Shoulder (I make this once a month at least) @ShellyM and to anyone else struggling with weather issues....hang in there and sending thoughts of love and safety your way. One week down for me and it flew by with a busy week at work. Have a great day everyone!
  5. snowflower

    Horrible leg cramps

    hang in there with the program.....I'm a nurse and have about 20 questions for you, but I'll save those for the triage nurse that you will talk to when you call your doctor!
  6. snowflower


    California is a glorious place to be when you're doing Whole30. People. Restaurant menus & servers. Grocery stores. They are way ahead of the rest of the country as far as food and nutrition (and accommodating those of us on Whoel30). People...I told you all I'd report back on the meaty marinara sauce that was posted on instagram.....IT WAS A SUCCESS! The whole family loved it. And leftovers have been even more delicious than the first day! Here's the post if you're interested.
  7. snowflower


    Her cookbooks are the BEST in my opinion. So many of the things I've tried have become staples that I make over and over again. I have all 3 and have regulars from each of them.
  8. snowflower

    Started September 1st

    This is the most delicious ranch dressing I've ever eaten: you're used to everything being sweet....that does take some time to adjust to. Have you tried making homemade mayo yet?
  9. snowflower


    oh how this rings true for me....I was a carb addict before I found Whole30 and felt so depressed and miserable most of the time. I was constantly needing more carbs to keep my blood sugar stable and it was a vicious cycle that I couldn't break. My first Whole30 was brutal..."the carb flu" knocked me on my a$$ for the first week. I could barely work out and had no energy as my body was adjusting to no sugar and no processed carbs. I added in lots of starchy veggies to get through, but it was still so tough. My point here is that the food I was eating CONTROLLED me! Now....I control my food. It's such a great feeling. I'm still far from perfect and struggle with my food freedom and adding sugar back in, but I have come so far since that first Whole30. Best of luck to you on your journey. HANG. IN. THERE. It does get better. And I AM making the Slow Cooker Meaty Marinara Sauce RIGHT NOW! If you're close to Wheaton, IL, stop by and I'll give you a plate with some zucchini noodles and some leftover wedge salad from last night. So sorry to hear about this. Sending hopes for rain and safety for all the firefighters and families affected by this.
  10. snowflower

    #SeptemberWhole30 Only for emergencies. There are some with ingredients that aren't Whole30 compliant. And I think there was a post from Melissa at some point about the chocolatey ones NOT being compliant to the "spirit" of the Whole30 even though their ingredients are technically compliant. So stay away from the chocolate ones and the peanut ones. Blueberry is my favorite.
  11. snowflower


    I double the recipe and freeze them. They are so good to have on hand for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. Have you ever used canned salmon for anything? If's pretty nasty. I take the spinal bones out (and give them to my dog), but they are totally edible and I have left them in the cakes before, but didn't care for the extra crunch. I leave in the little rib bones because it's too time consuming to try to dig those out. I also peel away the dark skin and give that to my dog too. I don't like the color or the texture. You should definitely make these...they will become a staple.
  12. snowflower


    Hey all. Happy Day 5 for me. I spent some extra time cooking yesterday and made quite the feast for Labor Day dinner....Burgers with sauteed leeks, Spinach, Shallot & Mushroom Saute, Sweet Potato Bites and an amazing wedge salad with crumbled bacon and dill dressing. Today will be another big cooking day for me. I'm making the slow cooker meaty marinara sauce that was on the instagram feed (I'll post if I like it), salmon cakes, and some ground beef for "taco" salad. Then I'm back to work on Wednesday and Thursday. I don't cook on work days because I leave the house at 6am and get home at 8:30pm so everything needs to be prepared ahead of time. Have a great day.
  13. snowflower

    Any good Gyro recipes floating around?

    This is delicious. and is as close to gyros you can get on Whole30. The dressing is unbelievable!
  14. snowflower

    Allergic to Coconut

    you could try almond or cashew milk...maybe? Or substitute broth? You won't have the same creaminess, but might be okay.
  15. snowflower


    This has happened to me before. I just save my leftovers and eat them for a snack later or add them to my lunch. If you didn't have an appetite for any breakfast, I'd say "force yourself to eat something", but in your case, you've eaten a template meal even without your additional egg and 1/4 sausage.