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21 days...Almost didn't make it


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Seriously, I didn't think I was going to make it to Day 21, let alone Day 2.


And after difficult days at work over the past couple of days, I'm doing everything possible to avoid just saying <naughty word> and eat whatever is in front of me. But last night I avoided the trip to the mini-mart and found some fruit in the fridge instead. 


A few hurdles...


1. Exhaustion's ruling over wanting to exercise.


2. Wanting to rip someone's head off just for smelling like grilled cheese sandwiches and avoid emotional eating.


3. Clear thinking comes with clear speaking...apparently I've been holding in a lot for like, I dunno, a couple of five years? So, the hurdle is keeping the words that roll out get checked before they come out.



A few good things....


1. My belly's flatter...sorta.


2. My pants fit.


3. Clear thinking comes with clear speaking...yeah, I know, I put it with the hurdles, but do you know how freeing it is to speak up for yourself? 


Looking forward to the next 9 days!

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