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My Whole Natalie Lifestyle


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I am about a month post 30 and have gradually gotten off track for eating snacks especially. One thing that has changed post whole 30 is my husband is home, he was away during the whole 30. So I have to have noncompliant, and food without break foods in the house for him. (Nuts, peanut butter, chocolate, ice cream mainly)

I want to get back on track but I am calling this a Whole Natalie because I will not be fallowing the program exactly. Here's my plan:

- eat 3 meals per template, no snacks, if I must make it a template mini meal...no fruit not with a meal, no handfuls of nuts, no chocolate

- mainly whole 30 rules, but I will take dairy in coffee, occasional cheese or yogurt

- will allow things with non compliant ingredients but will try to avoid (eg, I just made chilli but didn't have any homemade broth so used some with added sugar, very small amount) or if I eat out which is usually once or twice a month at most I will try to stay on plan but not stress too much

- occasional things like homemade ice cream, rice or beans, but have to have a good reason, and will write on here to justify why I ate it.

I will not journal everyday, I didn't even during my whole 30 once I got going, it is too much to keep up with, and makes this less of a lifestyle and more of a temporary thing, also I tend to get obsessive.

I will also note my biggest challenge, my demanding toddler makes it hard to eat dinner when I'm hungry and that's what gets me snacking. I need to deal with this somehow.

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Ok so I wasn't really thinking and had a few samples at Costco. A few kinds of cheese, some dried fruit (sweetened) and some chilli. I mostly took them. To try together my son to try them, i didn't eat much myself, so I'm not considering this a problem in my new lifestyle. It's not like I sampled chocolate and bread or ate huge portions.

What I have ate today

Meal 1 - 3eggs, onion, kale, spinach, salsa and 1/2avocado

Meal 2 - meatloaf muffins cut up over salad greens, kale with balsamic and olive oil.

Meal 3 planned, - chilli, braised cabbage, some other veg? Maybe with avocado on the chilli.

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