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I finished my second Whole 30 on Friday (4/11/14), and I feel awesome. I made some goals at the beginning, and I want to share my results.



·  Improve digestion- I definitely feel like my digestive system is more on track. I had already cut out dairy before this, but cutting out grains really helped as well.

·  More energy- This is one of the most obvious effects of my Whole 30 experience. I had more energy the past month than I had all year. I was so productive in the 30 days, and I did some form activity for 30 days in a row. This helped me with my training for a half marathon in June.

·  Better sleep- This is my favorite result. I slept like a ‘rock' every night during the 30 days. I know I woke up in the night to use the restroom (because of all the water), but I was able go right back to sleep. I also work up refreshed in the morning, and I did not want to stay in bed all morning.

· “Nix†sugar cravings- For the most part, these went away. There were times where I just wanted chocolate, and I looked forward to being able to add chocolate back in to my diet. I did try some dark chocolate on day 31, and I was able to just have a little and be satisfied. I know I need to keep myself in check for this area.

·  Run faster- My running has improved, but it is nothing dramatic. I feel much better when I run. It is a “lighter†feeling which leads me into the next area…

·  Lose Weight- As everyone who does the Whole 30 knows, it is not a weight loss plan. However, I did lose weight (as most folks do). I lost 8.2 pounds to be exact and several inches including 2 inches from my waits (from 31.5 to 29.5), so I am beyond excited with these results. My body looks and feels so much better.


Some other noticeable results are my skin is way clear and glowing, and I can't say I ever felt deprived during the Whole 30. For someone with a huge appetite, that is a win right there. My plans from here are to continue on the plan about 90% (I feel it is the most realistic plan for me). The only non-compliant foods from the Whole 30 that I plan to add into my regular diet are: oatmeal, peanut butter, hummus, wine, honey, and chocolate. I understand that life happens, and other foods will slip in but I feel like I have way more control now and I love the foods I have been eating for the past month. I do not want to give them up! I have been encouraging others to try this program because of the success I have had. Here is a look at what I ate for the 30 days. http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/17444-31314-start-date/

Good luck to anyone who is making the commitment to themselves to try the Whole30! It is totally worth it!

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