Triangle Area of North Carolina?


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Hello all! I'm in the middle of my second Whole30 now, and I'm planning a trip to visit my family back in the Triangle area of North Carolina. I won't be on a strict Whole30 while I'm there, but I will be trying to eat clean and manage stress while I'm there, so I'd love it if anyone has any recommendations for Good Food restaurants there! I know there are a couple good grocery stores, and my fiance and I will be staying in a place with a kitchen, but I know we won't be able to cook ALL of our meals, so chime in with your thoughts and Thank You!

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I hope this isn't too late!  I am in Raleigh and have eaten out while on both w30 and Paleo.  


Chipotle is always a safe bet. 


Firebirds is also safe - they have a GF menu and they are also accommodating if you want to create your own salad or meal.  Located in Raleigh.


Ted's Montana grill has great burgers that you can have sans bun and their bison burgers are grass-fed.  They're located in Durham.


Tribeca Tavern also has grass fed, local beef.  Located in Raleigh and Cary.


I'm sure there are a lot more...check out Yelp or do a quick google search.  Hope that helps! 

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Chipotle is NOT always a safe bet - it has ONE compliant option you can order - the carnitas (pork) on salad with guacamole (tomato salsa is ok too).

All the other meats are cooked in either soy oil or rice bran oil. Ditto the fajita veggies (onions & peppers).

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Try Zenfish in Durham. It’s locally owned and chock full of Whole 30 compliant Options. They even have zucchini noodles! Kombucha on tap is another bonus, but unfortunatel, there’s no way to know the sugar content. 

Only Burger is another good option for grass-fed beef and easily customizable burgers. 

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