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    I'm an ultrarunner. (To read about how I fuel for endurance running, see my blog).

    I love to cook. And boy, have I cooked since starting the Whole30 in March 2013! I adore all kinds of vegetables, and was vegetarian for 6 months after reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. I never felt sated, and my energy wasn't great. Wow, the difference I felt once I went Whole 30!

    A friend and I both coincidentally started the Whole30 during our Spring ultrarunning season. We both had fantastic results overall and loved the program, but our running fared quite differently during this time.

    My experience(s) running while my body switched over to fat burning:

    http://ultrarunnergirl.blogspot.com/2013/08/fat-adapted-running-ultra-on-paleo-diet.html (links to several posts on this topic within)

    My friend's experience(s):

    My page with links to other athletes who fuel this way:

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  1. Day 8 is still quite early in the program. If nothing has changed yet, I would say give it the 30 days (minimum). I'm not a doctor and can't give medical advice. It might be worth trying less fibrous veggies. Wishing you the best!
  2. You might find this article helpful as well: https://whole30.com/tag/whole30-road-wild/ Wishing you the best!
  3. I'm sorry to hear you didn't feel good on the program. And I'm truly sorry you didn't ask for help before throwing in the towel. It may be that you were undereating, that is quite common. You may find this article helpful in figuring out why it didn't work for you: https://whole30.com/didnt-work/ Wishing you the best.
  4. This morning I made compliant breakfast sausage and tossed in frozen broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and spinach. I topped that with Lizard Sauce. When I don't have Lizard Sauce I stir in homemade mayo instead. Since it takes 5 minutes to make, I always have some! Add coffee & coconut milk, yum! Yesterday I had ground beef, onions, green salsa and avocado with some chopped cilantro from my garden. Heaven! I do usually top my meat and veggies with an egg or two, but it's just as delicious when I am out of eggs.
  5. Another vote for the meat and eggs combo. While I adore plain eggs, I find it more delicious and palate-pleasing to do a hash of onion, veggie and meat then top that with 2 eggs.
  6. You might enjoy kelp noodles. They have very few calories so you'll need a carb-dense veggie along side it, but it's quite nice in soup or tossed into a stir fry (Nom Nom Paleo has a great stir fry recipe that uses them). I have used the Gold Mine brand and like it a lot: Ingredients: water, kelp, sodium alginate. Nutrition Facts: Serving Size 4oz Servings per container 4 Calories 6 Total Fat 0g (0%) Saturated Fat 0g (0%) Cholesterol 0mg (0%) Sodium 35mg (1%) Total Carbohydrates 1g (0%) Dietary Fiber 1g (4%) Sugars 0g Protein 0g Calcium 15% Iron 4%
  7. This is GREAT. Really paints a clear picture of not only the WHAT can you eat/not eat but also the WHY.
  8. I have left mine bottled for up to 4 and 5 days -- NO FIZZ! Sigh.
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