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    I'm an ultrarunner. (To read about how I fuel for endurance running, see my blog).

    I love to cook. And boy, have I cooked since starting the Whole30 in March 2013! I adore all kinds of vegetables, and was vegetarian for 6 months after reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. I never felt sated, and my energy wasn't great. Wow, the difference I felt once I went Whole 30!

    A friend and I both coincidentally started the Whole30 during our Spring ultrarunning season. We both had fantastic results overall and loved the program, but our running fared quite differently during this time.

    My experience(s) running while my body switched over to fat burning:

    http://ultrarunnergirl.blogspot.com/2013/08/fat-adapted-running-ultra-on-paleo-diet.html (links to several posts on this topic within)

    My friend's experience(s):

    My page with links to other athletes who fuel this way:

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  1. ultrarunnergirl

    Fighting off a cold since the beginning

    You are not eating enough. There's not enough fat in your Meal 1 - add an additional fat source or a little more coconut oil and scrape the fat onto your eggs when you plate them. If you're having eggs as your protein, you need the number you can hold in your hand (most people can hold at least 4). 3 oz of meat is a little low - 1-2 palm sized servings is the goal. You don't mention how much of each you ate for dinner, again aim to meet the Meal Template suggested amounts. Also, since you are exercising you probably require an additional pre or post-workout meal. The sweet potato is good but you also want a little protein with it. Try adding a little more to your plate and I think you will see a big difference. You can do this!
  2. ultrarunnergirl

    Brewers yeast

    Nutritional yeast and brewer's yeast are NOT the same. Nutritional yeast is fine (still, read ingredient list). Brewer's yeast is not compliant.
  3. Sorry you're experiencing this. Can you tell us a few days of what you have eaten at each meal, and how much? Other thoughts - stress? New detergent, or lotion, or anything else you don't normally eat/take in?
  4. ultrarunnergirl

    I'm thinking about quitting... Advice?

    It's normal to feel not only not hungry when you begin but also disgusted by food. Your cortisol is likely out of whack and eating protein when you first wake up in the morning is key to fixing this. Don't succumb to fruit and nut butter! Try leftover chicken, scrambled eggs, some breakfast sausage and potatoes ... you can do this. Hang in there. And yes, eat more and salt your food, and drink enough water. I'm rooting for you!
  5. ultrarunnergirl

    Last day tomorrow and no real change.

    Hi Tasha, Another question for you, how is your sleep? How about your stress levels? Are you drinking enough water? When you snack, what time(s) does that usually occur and what are you snacking on? Hoping your period ends soon and you are feeling on top of the world in the next phase of your cycle.
  6. ultrarunnergirl

    Help! Terrible digestive issues day 29.

    Sounds like you might benefit from taking digestive enzymes. You could also start avoiding high histamine foods and nightshades you've noticed are not digesting, and change our your coconut milk for compliant almond milk. A functional medicine practitioner could probably be of great help.
  7. ultrarunnergirl

    Heavy legs and unable to run for anymore than 4Km

    What are you eating on a typical day before and the day of a run?
  8. ultrarunnergirl

    An unfavorable digestion issues appears!

    Hi Steph, Sorry this is troubling you. Can you post a few days of exactly what you've eaten and drank? That may help us pinpoint if it's something your system isn't digesting well. Raw veggies, nuts can be harder to digest. Cooked veggies are better and skip the nuts if you're having issues. It may also be that your gut is off and could use the aid of some digestive enzymes.
  9. I hope you are feeling better by now - I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. Prolonged stomach pain that lasts all day isn't typical on the Whole30, I would definitely see your doctor.
  10. ultrarunnergirl

    Day 29 Feeling Disappointed

    Katiasasha, I'm sorry you are still in pain and not feeling the benefits you were hoping for. The first thing that jumps out at me, other than cooking oil, it seems like you aren't having any fat with your meals. The oil you cook in isn't enough generally which is why we recommend a heaping handful of coconut flakes (unsweetened), small handful of olives, half an avocado, coconut milk as additional options. Fat can be key in helping with inflammation, especially fatty fish like wild salmon which is high in Omega-3. Fish oil is another option. You might try cooking with turmeric, too. Have you been hungry during your Whole30?
  11. Yes, please let us know what you've had at each meal. Are you following the Meal Template recommendations? It could be a simple as eating more, too.
  12. ultrarunnergirl

    Day 10 Stomach Pain and Nausea

    The nuts may be the culprit, so hopefully you will find relief. Other thing to look at, what are you eating now that you did not have before? It doesn't look like you are eating raw veggies, which can also cause those symptoms. Other fat options: handful of coconut flakes (unsweetened), handful of olives, extra cooking fat you spoon onto your meal or a drizzle of olive oil or ghee on your sweet potato or other veggie.
  13. ultrarunnergirl


    We don't recommend Magnesium Oxide - if you take it you can have some unpleasant side effects. Better option is Magnesium Citrate - Natural Calm is a popular option and comes in powder form. Capsules are tricky and as you see have a number of additives. It's technically compliant. Here is a handy list of acceptable and unacceptable additives. https://whole30.com/downloads/additives.pdf
  14. It could be but nuts can be hard on the stomach, so test that out in training. The packets can also be kind of dry in the mouth and harder to get down than you might imagine.
  15. ultrarunnergirl


    You can do this! The cookbook Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan saved my bacon on my first Whole30. Simple, fast recipes, nothing fancy. Here's a post from her on making meals out of ingredients (Basically, no cooking): https://meljoulwan.com/2014/06/25/great-ingredients-recipe-required/ Take one day to knock out some basics and do it all at one time, you can be done in an hour or two: grill a bunch of chicken (or bake), brown ground meat on the stove, make some protein salad using compliant tuna or salmon, boil a dozen eggs. A stick blender can be your best friend and should be available for about $30. You can make mayo and all sorts of sauces. Or you can spend more on Primal Kitchen mayo. Frozen broccoli is super versatile and you can microwave it. Frozen veggies are easy to toss in the pan you just used to cook your meat in and make a ton of food for the week. The Whole30 is some work, for sure. We all feel you on that! But you're worth the extra effort.