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    I'm an ultrarunner. (To read about how I fuel for endurance running, see my blog).

    I love to cook. And boy, have I cooked since starting the Whole30 in March 2013! I adore all kinds of vegetables, and was vegetarian for 6 months after reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. I never felt sated, and my energy wasn't great. Wow, the difference I felt once I went Whole 30!

    A friend and I both coincidentally started the Whole30 during our Spring ultrarunning season. We both had fantastic results overall and loved the program, but our running fared quite differently during this time.

    My experience(s) running while my body switched over to fat burning:

    http://ultrarunnergirl.blogspot.com/2013/08/fat-adapted-running-ultra-on-paleo-diet.html (links to several posts on this topic within)

    My friend's experience(s):

    My page with links to other athletes who fuel this way:

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  1. ultrarunnergirl

    Smoked Meat/Dehydrated Fruit

    JWL, while organic meat is certainly worth seeking out, it is not a whole30 requirement.
  2. ultrarunnergirl

    I can't keep on weight with whole 30

    Here's a great article on keeping weight on during your Whole30: https://whole30.com/2013/12/keeping-weight-whole30/ Eggs are cheap, filling and nutritious. Eating more fat is also a good hack. You can buy a big vat of coconut oil on Amazon or at Costco if you have access to that. Buying whatever is on sale at the store is another pretty obvious tip. Cabbage is usually quite inexpensive. Beyond that, if your financial situation requires that you take advantage of free food to survive, you don't have a lot of wiggle room, but you're certainly saving money not buying protein shakes - those are quite dear. Wishing you good luck - and if all else fails, just do the best you can, even if it's not totally Whole30, the closer you can get the better you'll feel.
  3. ultrarunnergirl

    Body Building Vegetarian

    We recommend you eat whole foods as much as possible as they are far superior nutritionally. Whatever you are using as your vegetarian protein sources, pack that up (an egg, sans the white is a good option) with a half cup of sweet potato, beets or other high carb veggie and eat that after your workout.
  4. ultrarunnergirl

    Help! Calcium tablet has soy

    Best course of action is to discuss with your doctor to see if you can take a supplement sans soy. Remember that you need magnesium to properly absorb calcium. Most people are not deficient in calcium but are deficient in magnesium. Explore with your doctor the option of taking some magnesium as well. Many of us take a tsp of Natural Calm (original flavor is compliant) in a small glass of water an hour before bed each night.
  5. ultrarunnergirl

    Breakfast in the Twin Cities metro area

    Best bet - call around and see what restaurants have to offer. Most places have eggs and you can order them poached if necessary, and request a side of avocado and a side of sautéed or steamed spinach or broccoli or salad greens. Eggs Benedict without the ham and the English muffin (confirm they use ghee instead of butter) may be an option. Get into the habit of talking with your server when you arrive to ensure you get what you want. You're the customer, but you must be proactive and explain what you can eat so they can help.
  6. ultrarunnergirl

    Looking for sources of turkey bacon

    Sorry, I don't know of any. Keep checking labels and it probably would be good to contact the producers to request that they make a Whole30 compliant product. That's how we change the food industry!
  7. ultrarunnergirl

    so So SO Thirsty.

    I'd increase your food intake. Sounds like you're not eating enough. As for the thirst, maybe we can ferret out what might be the culprit if you post what you've eaten for the last few days.
  8. ultrarunnergirl

    Too Many Meals and not enough time

    My thoughts: Your Pre WO snack doesn't need to be so much. One egg would be fine. Same with the post WO meal - just a few bites of protein and veggies should do it. Conversely, since you are up and eating an hour before your workout, you might try just eating Meal 1 then. Skip the Pre WO snack and again just a few bites for the Post WO meal.
  9. ultrarunnergirl

    triathlon training nutrition

    All written up on my blog - see links below. Trial and error will obviously play a part. Hope this helps!
  10. ultrarunnergirl

    Not enough energy for workouts

    Good suggestions above. To aid in fat adaption, you'll want to wait 5 hours between meals whenever possible. Also, make sure you are salting your food.
  11. ultrarunnergirl

    Coconut Wraps etc..??

    That's exactly right. We want you to get used to eating your food in a different way. A lettuce wrap would be fine, because it's food in its natural state, while a coconut wrap is processed to mimic a tortilla. Keep on keepin' on!
  12. ultrarunnergirl

    Cooking spray

    Oh, THAT would be so great!!!
  13. ultrarunnergirl

    Eating at Universal in Florida

    These should be helpful: https://whole30.com/2015/03/business-travel/ https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-dining.pdf https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-travel.pdf
  14. ultrarunnergirl

    Are the RXBars approved?

    Yes, use with caution. Many of us found that the more RXbars you keep on hand, the more emergencies seem to come up ... I recommend EPIC Beef Habanero or Lamb Currant bars instead. They're more of a soft, very flavorful jerky bar. (Not all flavors are compliant, read your labels). The Turkey is also compliant but I find that one sort of dry and bland. I haven't tried all the flavors - they have quite a few now.
  15. ultrarunnergirl

    Should I stop IF for Whole30?

    Hi LEMorgan, We normally advise using the Whole30 as an opportunity to reset your hormones, learn to trust your hunger signals, discover any food sensitivities and change your relationship with food. Give it a try without IF -- you may find benefits you hadn't anticipated, like waking more easily in the morning and going to sleep more easily at night. You can always go back to using IF after your 30 days and see how that feels.