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Deanna's Log, start date 4/21/14

Deanna Leimbach

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This is approximately my 5th Whole30.  The first couple times I did it were amazing and then something with my attitude changed.  The last six months have been a nutritional downward spiral back to a very unhealthy place that I haven't been in over 2 years.  I am finally sick and tired of being sick and tired and I am ready to commit wholeheartedly to this next Whole30 and to being healthy and happy finding a good nutritional balance in my life.


I'll use this log to track my progress, feelings, and experiences and hopefully I'll get some support from others along the way.  Maybe this will inspire someone else too.  I know that I am a constant work in progress and am grateful for 2nd chances (and 3rd, and 4th, and so on...).

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HI Deanna, 


We started on the same day as you. Love your attitude, good on you for recognising that you fell off the horse and are getting back on.


I have been eating clean for the last 12wks but realised I was still having a lot of sneaky dairy (butter and a splash of cream here & there) and rice malt syrup when creating 'clean' treats. The Whole 30 is about resetting my system but also breaking the habit of needing something sweet, even when disguised as 'clean' and fructose free.


Look forward to sharing the journey with you :)

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Day 1 was fairly uneventful.


M1 - scrambled eggs, black olives (sounds like a weird combination but it was all I had on hand)

M2 - shredded chicken, hot sauce, carrots, cucumbers, black olives (again, all I really had to work with)

M3 - crockpot salsa chicken with cauliflower rice


I was out of town this weekend and got zero food prep done so breakfast and lunch today were from my emergency food stashes at work and whatever I could find compliant at my work cafeteria.  Fortunately, I put some chicken breasts and salsa in my crockpot in the morning so dinner was easy and delicious!  Not too many temptations today.  Proud of myself for making breakfast and lunch happen within the whole30 guidelines instead of just copping out and starting over tomorrow.  Did a little food prep tonight after dinner so the next few days will be a little easier with good food options that I can grab out of the fridge with little effort involved.  History tells me that it is very important to have delicious, easy food ready to go for meals during the first week of a whole30.

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Day 2


M1 - 4 eggs fried in ghee and roasted cauliflower

M2 - l/o salsa chicken and cauliflower rice

M3 - meatza! (grass-fed beef, tomato sauce, black olives, banana peppers, mushrooms, onions)


Not too many symptoms today or any noticeable improvement yet, but it's only day 2.  My legs and ankles have been swelling lately and are puffy at the end of the day.  I'm hoping that this is just a symptom of the junk I had been eating and will go away in the next few days.


I used to make meatza all the time and completely forgot about it! It was a delicious treat for dinner tonight!  So far I'm doing pretty good with not being hungry in between meals. When I think I might be hungry I drink some water and go for a walk to distract myself and realize that I wasn't hungry at all.  I got a little more food prep done tonight, chopping veggies, so I'll be more prepared for meals coming up this week.


Went to bed early at 8:30 because I was tired.  Looking forward to 9 hours!

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Day 3 - The good turned ugly!


M1 - l/o meatza

M2 - l/o salsa chicken, cauliflower rice and black olives

M3 - meatza


Last night was food dream night!  Every time I've done a whole30 I've had one night in the first few days where I dream about eating something off plan and it is never enjoyable and very guilt ridden.  This time it was a diet pepsi and my dream self decided that since I had already had one slip then I may as well have some pizza too!  One thing that was different this time is the pizza was goooood! I did feel extremely guilty and disappointed in myself during my dream.  I was SO grateful to wake up and realize that it was only a dream.


Most of my day was fairly uneventful until the evening.  Then I completely stressed myself out with cleaning house and prepping food for a dinner party I am hosting tomorrow night.  This was definitely "kill all things" mode.  It is a good thing I live alone because I was yelling at everything in the house, even my poor cat! :(  I was so tired and just wanted to go to bed but felt I had to finish cleaning cause I knew I wouldn't do it in the morning.  Then for some reason my phone decided to suddenly lose all of my contacts.  Just one more thing that I think that the devil was trying to throw at me to get me to cave, glad I survived that night!


One thing to note is that I kept getting charlie horses in my feet when I was walking around the house and cleaning.  Not sure what this was from.  Also noticed a little bit of acne today and weird bumps on my arms.  Pretty sure this will go away after a few days and just a side effect of my body trying to heal itself.


To top all of that off I realized that there is sugar in the seasoning I had been using for the tomato sauce on my meatza.  This really ticked me off!  I had thought that all of my Penzey's seasonings were OK but I must have missed this one.  Not sure if this means that I need to start over or not.  This was a small amount of sugar (listed 6th out of 13 ingredients) in a seasoning I used in 1 meal on day 2 and 2 meals on day 3.  I won't throw it out but I'll at least save it for after my whole30 and will look for a recipe that I can make my own; I do this with most of my spice blends anyway. If anyone out there knows if accidental sugar means a reset please let me know.

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Day 4


M1 - 3 hb eggs, homemade mayo (Well Fed), stir fry of zucchini, mushrooms, onions

M2 - 3 egg salad with homemade mayo, l/o zucchini stir fry

M3 - 1/2 chicken breast, steak, chimichurri sauce, mango salsa, salad (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers) with Tessemae's Lemon Garlic


Super tired (brain and body) this morning but that is partly due to only getting about 6 hours of sleep last night.  


Made the mistake of going to the grocery store before I ate lunch.  I really wanted to "eat all things"! Just had to mentally remind myself that it wasn't worth it, it wasn't special and doesn't coincide with my long term health goals.  Also reminded myself that giving in to all of these little things over the last 6 months is how I got as unhealthy as I am now.  Proud of myself for overcoming that obstacle.  After I ate lunch I felt much better and no longer wanted the junk food.


I usually try not to eat eggs in more than one meal in a day but it was another one of those situations where I didn't have much else ready to eat.  Not to mention that I made a delicious batch of homemade mayo last night and just needed excuses to eat it! :)


Hosted a dinner party tonight at my house for the group I went with on a mission trip to Nicaragua.  I could control the majority of the food and most everything was whole30 compliant, I just passed on the few things that weren't.


Only weird symptom today was the feeling of restless leg syndrome while sitting at my desk at work.  My legs felt really twitchy but weren't actually moving.  Very unnerving!  Once I was able to get up and walk around that seemed to help.

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